went for a short walk. wasn't too bad except my over active brain started making fun of everything i saw :o or started taking the wrong ideas.

like when i went past this truck


i started thinking, man, is this truck here to lift the house away? looks very much like it though, i mean, this damn truck is like the same size as the house!!

then i got home sick looking at this..


few things can aptly describe singapore in silence as roadworks. i mean, how many times do u have roadworks near ur house? i have lost count -.-"

what caught my eye though was this sign

cuddly... i feel like a bear... all squisshyy.... maybe if i lie down on the road now someone would take me home and care for me =X

i mean really, after all i live near this kindergarten, with bushes as fences


i might get picked up by a sweet kid who will hug me to sleep every night, amidst the drool, gurgling and chicken pox!! but as a cuddly bear, i wont be affected at all, and i get to be washed!! no more showering for myself by myself with myself... i get tumbled around with clothes!

but anyways...

it is autumn now, although the weather doesnt feel so at times. it's still fairly warm in the day, but at night i lose my toes to the cold. the trees have started changing colours, and even shedding.


they make a wonderful effect though as long as you're not thought to be a stalker/murderer/spy/strange just coz ur taking photos... as i discovered this person hurrying away from me with her dog...


strange people.

oh wells. incidentally, i suddenly realised how much canberrans love round-abouts. i mean, what's the deal with it. i have one in my "backyard" one before reaching my home, one after, and guess what?


i found one just right after it, along the road to belco! although this pict is ruined by the damn sun, it's... still a wow from me =X i tend to like praising myself :P

on my way back, i saw this thing towering over a house.. and the only thing i could think of was..


phallic symbols.

damn literature teachers.

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