Fear the world

@ all bar nun today, i tried to order my chicken salad coz i thought that it was guna be 3 soon, which meant sushi bar would have been closed. after ordering salad, handed over a 50 dollar note only to have the waiter calculated stuff at the till and then returning money to me, asking me for 16.50, but u know.. giving my money to me!! then with a weird look at her hands she's like "omg i'm sorry!!"

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me: er it's ok, no worries.

she: u know how it is, i got distracted by kylie minogue's breast cancer story all over the news. seeing boobs all over the news like that, i just kept thinking about it and i didn't know what i was doing. u know boobs does that to you and seeing them all across national newspapers...

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worried for my sanity, when i got back my change, i just silently siddled away from the bar top and just... left her rambling incoherently. *shudders* i mean, i don't have perfect boobs. she just might get even more distracted and start telling people my boobs.

then i went out for dinner with the guys at hog's breath. mmm steak. would have been very good but ooo i think i ate too much entree stuff. finger food and soup o.o. i felt almost unbalanced at the end of it.

but i can only blame linxy and wade!! on the ride there, i was unlucky enough to be shoved between those gigantic masses who decided that being short and in between them, they SHOULD smashed me up. so both squashed me between them, making me want to puke, before dinner.

so after dinner... yer i really wanted to puke.

and i think i scalded my palate on drinking that fake potato and leek soup (it's really curry potatos and leek soup) coz midway thru the soup, i felt this smooth bubbly thing on it and tried to lick it off but it wont come off. tried to dig it out, thinking its vegies or something, and it wont come off. then i realised, it was a bubble on my palate!! it was like those smooth bubbles that forms after u scald urself, but on my palate =/ so it hurts T_T

got tired after dinner and came home and tried to sleep. slept happily when at 1.30 am, dad persistantly called me and suffice to say, i woke up, and that bubble on my palate just kaboom in my mouth. eww.

i thought something might have happened and finally called him back (coz despite linxy telling him i was sleeping he was still spamming my mobile..). only to hear this...

"arllooooo mad womannnn how's ur pigging out beenn?? arlloooo"

wa... du lan!!!! lin na eh, wo xu yao shui de hor!!! heng hao xiao meh? qi zao ba zao da dian hua lai ri siao... wtf man!!!! (translations for those who erm, yer, cudn't understand my moment of "pissed off"-ness: wa... pissed off!!!! ur mum, i need to sleep ok!!! how does it look funny to u?!?! calling me in the wee hours of the morning to make fun of me!!!)

"what you want dad?"

"no ah, now that i realised ur really sleeping, ok la! byes!!"

"wtf, u woke me up just to say bye?"

"no ah, i thought u know, u were faking it who knows!!! anyways, just thought u should know they renew my work contract so i can buy you more stuff now. but since u wana sleep, it's ok man!! go sleep!! no money for u lalalala"


"wah lao eh, u woke me up and now want me to go sleep?"

"ya... sleep precious what... u shud go sleep... even though u know, i am an intl caller, i am a special guest, so u shud really be awake no matter what..."

"erm... dad i have classes u know... not like i am so eng (free) like you, call people at 1.30am in the morning..."

"ya! but i thought u need to buy new laptop? thought call u tell u to buy new one la..."

*sigh* at this point, i don't know how to be frustrated or to be happy. but being just freshly woken up, i was definitely on the grouchy side.

"ya but... i was sleeping -.-"

"ya! eh what's ur name ah? i keep forgetting, then had to grab ur old id to ask ur housemate for u! then he doesn't seem to know ur chinese name either! then i don't know if he knows what's a panda... so!!!!?!?!!? ya so what's ur name!?!?"

"OMG DAD!!!!!"



he actually thought that was funny.


if i am more awake maybe i would have thought it's funny too...

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