star wars

i am not a huge fan of star wars. i usually watch any movie coz of 3 main reasons:

1)there's lotsa hype and i wana get educated about the hype

2) friends brought me along and since they might not wana watch what i wana watch... oh wells..

3)the poster/title/actors blah blah blah interests me. this means anything that's on the surface side, including trailers.

ever since i first saw star wars epi 1, i just treated it like any other movie, it didn't quite catch all my attention that much. like wise, tonight's outing was pretty much coz of factor 2, and also, hehe, i wanted to see what amidala's costume might churn up to be like.

needless to say, i was disappointed on many levels. the costumes and hair weren't all that great. she looks like spaghetti reincarnate, complete with flowy dresses. i dont mind the dresses part though, after all, she was meant to be pregnant.

don't want to spoil things for u guys but then again, some stuff you should have known from the movie's site anyways, so just go watch the movie to get what i am talking about.

other than that, a particular scene towards the end amused me to no end. already, she looks fairly fakely pregnant. but that scene where she was lying on some bed or stretcher or something... the only showing part of her belly was "crumpled"


wat is with that!?!?!?

the only great thing about the movie, as always, will always be cutie yoda...

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oh my little green bald friend. the one who needs walking stick to walk properly, but bounces around with more enthusiasm than any of the padawans... with a fart, he can push aside 2 people. how great is that!!!

my idol.. *drools*

at any rate, i almost strangled myself with my jacket, while also almost falling asleep. it was a bit draggy, but that wasn't the reason why i was passing out, more coz i was already tired anyways.

i was studying a little in the day and went on to have lunch at all bar nun. its half a pub half an eatery. what amused me the most was while i was trying to make peace with my text, a lady nearby was talking loudly and flirting with all the men in her vicinity, even the bartenders.

she's this 50 years old looking thing.

anyways, the 2 old men she was trying to attract, she was trying to get them into some kind of business plan with her. she started talking about searching for a camera to buy on ebay, and then went on to say how much she paid for it and then "ding" she had a brilliant idea! why not start business on ebay!?!?

so anyways, she started giving them the intricacies of business on ebay, how to buy and sell online. now for those who know ebay well, there are times u can actually find an item for like 2 bux and sell for hundreds, i kid u not. the thing is, its not just on ebay but if u see stuff around u that's unique and so on, u can sell it at a good rate on ebay too.

but all these needs business sense. and lots of it.


so she kept on talking loudly about how good she is, and then commenting in the same breath how cute the bartender is.

to be honest, there is only so much emotions i can contain.

but the old man nearer to me fell asleep from the conversation! how brave!!

and that's when i decide that it's time for me to leave and spare myself the horror. strange people scare me, especially persistant ones like these.

oh yes, back to starwars.

suffice to say, it bored me a little too, especially hayden christensen or whateverhisnameis, because his face is just like that through out the movie -0-. it made me feel -0- too.

am i glad to be home T_T

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