you would probably notice the new button to the right. the ugly donations button.

i kinda made the button on a whim, but yes, it does allow u to kindly donate money to little ol' me on this site then.

why is it there?

not for any particular reason. i was just testing out this function of paypal, and also more for a fun thing.

there's so many things i want, more than i really need, that it's just simply ridiculous if i expect someone or anybody to donate to me.

there's only 1 huge thing that i want atm though, and that's graduating then visitng my bf... well 2 things then.

i could go work and then use my own money to do it, but i am also studying heaps. so i dont wana stress about work too.

however, if you do choose to donate, o.o well thanks. ^.^ i will probably put in the funds towards that sponsor a child program in world vision anyways :)

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