blog pet!!!

ehehhe, see that cute thing to the right? its my blog pet!! well kinda.

technically speaking if i am using other forms of blog setup (e.g moveable type) i could have the pet doing more things, such as randomly posting a blog (all in jap!! atm as far as i could see there's no english version to it Image Hosted by ImageShack.us but oh wells!!! but it's so cute!! oh, well, there was a english version, but though it shows up on google i cant seem to access the site. i think it's down or something so meh...

thanks to mari-chan,i managed to half fumble my way through (partly coz i guess the setup changed as well since she was last there.). with some bad help from babel fish, chinese readings, i got it semi setup. but this being blogger, all i can do is set it up here and probably rss feed it abit. but, just so u guys know, other than on my Awasu rss reader, i actually haven't got my rss feed working anywhere else. thus, the rest of what u could actually read off this baby panda, is really jap.

but yer here it is! complete with a temporary background of my lake burley. well, i don't know what else to use as background. i could make my own, but i honestly suck at making graphics. if someone could actually come up with something more hospitable for my dear baby panda, i would damn love it. thanks Image Hosted by ImageShack.us!

on another note, i almost cried laughing at this blog. just go read it. i guess i don't have to tell you why after you have read it. but i am not going to spoil it for you other than uhm...

laugh with me omg!1 Image Hosted by ImageShack.us i am crying so hard from laughing haha.. although i admit, that poor blog hasn't been updated in quite a while. but still worthy of note since it IS from harvard law school, and they sound as ridiculous as everyone else in the blogosphere Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Funny people rocks!!

people who study till their brains fall over pwns too!!

ok i am going stupid Image Hosted by ImageShack.us i should stop procrastinating... otherwise, the more i blog, the more that i DON'T blog during the holidays when i am gaming the fuck out of my brains is going to piss everyone off

but then again, reading blogs can be educational too Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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