why breakfast

so... i went for breakfast and it became pretty disturbing within 5 mins.

of course, it cud be that i tried to work around the place freezing at 10 deg, with my slippers on and a short skirt. but regardless...

most times people had tell u why breakfast is necessary, is because it is the first meal of the day, and supposedly, it improves concentration and intelligence for the day. not to mention that it also helps to make u "wake" faster from ur slumbering stupor.

overheard in the first shop i popped into:

kid: mommy, i don't wana eat this! just get me hot chocolate.

mum: u must eat something for breakfast!

kid: why?! isn't hot chocolate food?

mum: hot chocolate is a drink, sweetie, c'mon, order something.

kid: but why must i eat so early in the morning!?!?!

mum: because if u don't eat breakfast, policemen will come driving round the corner to jail ur butt. now order something!

ummmmm ok. that freaked both me and the kid out abit and he hesitantly ordered some cheese sandwiches. somewhere along the kid's life later on, his mum will probably tell him that lying is bad, and that he should not lie. i wonder if she would ever realise how badly she contradicts herself o.o...

o wells. i am off to bed. i am going to try and go up to sydney for some look-see tomorrow... hehe...

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