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This morning at about 1.45 a.m, a fight started outside a club in Canberra City, known as Three Degrees.

Three Degrees was holding a theme night, with Banghra music as the theme music.

With approximately 100- 200 people at the maximum possible capacity, it looks like it was going to be a wild party. And it was.

A solid built white man, who was noticed to be outside the club since a while ago, was suddenly noticed to be arguing loudly with 2 of the club's patrons. Arguments soon lead to a scuffle, resulting in the aforesaid man being noticed to be kicking and pushing one of the 2 patrons, a young man of North Indian descent.

Soon, the scuffle turned into a full on brawl, with the club patrons all looking on from the inside, save a few who were still dancing to the music. by then, the gruffily built man was seen throwing a cafe style table at the young man and his friend, who were both struck on their faces as they were standing side by side. An eyewitness even handed a chair to the gruffy man, as if to aid him in throwing more chairs, but was ignored.

Further assault was performed on the young man, resulting with him bleeding profusely as he slid of the boot of a blue coloured car that was parked outside the club.

At this, an excited club throng ran towards the 3 people, resulting in a flurry running aways by various people.

It is not known if the man who assaulted the young Indian man returned with the rest of the club crowd.

The bleeding man was taken into the handicaps toilet to recuperate and later taken to the hospital.

His friend was taken by the police for questioning.

Investigations are still on-going.

Anyone with more info, do contact the police.

~Pandeurs (what u think? an actual news report? duh....)

I know club fights happen regularly in various parts of the world, it isn't something new. it's new to me that police were actually called in, that the entire club had to stop and everyone were filed out for questionning, otherwise, as threatened, we had be arrested for obstructing law's progress.

Check out the blood man... this guy seems to have his full 2 liters and a half all right.


it's under the table because people were ruining forensic evidence with their beer filled soles. glass were all over the floor too from the raving friend.

so the story goes. sheetle asked me out to go for this bhangra night thing 3 degrees was holding. i'm not sure why i agreed to go along, mind you, since you know i have got l2, homework, essays due still and so on. but i haven't seen her in abit, and i thought, hey, why not, and i get to dance too.

but by the time i met her, i was honestly tired from all the walking i did yesterday (aka, from the picture taking i did). but i thought it should be good to go along anyways.

to be honest, i felt out of place. the music feels all out of rhythm for me, or i just cant feel the beat, or both. like i said, i was tired. so it's like really bad that i couldn't feel the music like i usually do.

to top it off, the dj was pissing me a little coz considering it was bhangra night, at one point it was all just english music, and i think "yeah" was played like 4 times in a space of like 40 mins or something. his rhythm change was also too soon and too sudden. like say, yeah then he changes to some slower tempo, then a way faster tempo, all under 8 minutes.

what was good though is watching a large array of good dancers working it out. from pure out indian dancing, to indian/r&b, to indian/hip-hop, it was fairly interesting and i wana dance like that and so i did. with the result of a very very sore hip, thigh muscles and balls of my feet. heels isn't something to learn new stuff in.

but i kept spacing out between dancing and the music, and soon migraine settled in.

just when it really got good... the fight started. the aforesaid gruffy guy, whom i shall name fatty, had already been sitting out there for a while. i am not quite sure what happened and how the fight started.

there can only be 2 things i can think of.

racial issues: guy is indian. assaulter is white. in stupid places like clubs, people talk shit without thinking.

girl issues: right after the fight, a girl was noticeably crying into her friend's arms and then subsequently disappeared abt the same time the police arrived. then again, she could be freaked out due to the blood and fight involved.

if you're wondering if i could tell u how those people look like and so on, no i can't. the only thing i can tell u is this:

they like jeans.

Fatty was wearing a 3/4 one, like those skateboarder wannabes u know. the other 2 were wearing the same colour of jeans but normal straight cuts for guys.

and the guy who handed the chair to fatty is a retarded fuck.

anyways, i don't wana see wrong people arrested because i am not sure if fatty got away. on the other hand, i am certain they shud arrest the fuck who passed the chair to him. but with limited capabilities, i could only say they all wear jeans...

anyways i will attempt to say this story with paint :( i didn't realise that it was a fight going on. when i originally saw the pushing and stuff, i thought it was some drunkards filling each other up. so no picts were taken.

ok, this is my point of view in the club. not very accurate, but adequate enough to let u know i aint tall enough to be free of the frosted portions of the glass, nor short enough. so all i ever saw, were legs and more legs, other than the one time the 2 guys fell down from the table being thrown in their face, and that time when fatty was sitting and i saw his arm hair... (no arm pits duh)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

this was where the fight first started as far as i could see, between a blue car and a silver car. fatty tried to kick indian 1 (the main guy who got hurt as far as i could see) 3 times, landing 2 times.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

this was when fatty first grabbed the table. it's scary, u know, watching a guy grab a chair with 1 hand and swinging it right into someone's face. much less 2 persons' those words were my own, coz i can imagine them going wtf...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

how indian 1 got pushed onto the boot, probably got punched or something before being released and dumped to the ground.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

my conclusion? it's a guy thing. they can't communicate as well as girls could, thus the need to use physical violence to get their idea across. Sometimes, it's not uber violent, other times it's the NEED TO SEE IT HAPPENING that shits me.

tonight for example, according to the police, whom i left a statement with, i was also one of the more detailed ones. thing is, at least 60% of them rushed to the window and were staring... some went out and k-po. all of them ran after fatty at least, making it like some kind of wild wild west movie or bolly wood style where they run to the fields to dance as a group, except these ran back too.

but, everyone i saw filed out of the door were MOSTLY not leaving statements. i know they want less trouble, but u know, someone could be wrongly implicated. and the real bitch set free.

could u walk out on that with your conscience? i can't.

at any rate, the police were nice enough to let us go and brought us to the front of ali baba's so we could eat.

literally the front o.o. he drove up the pavement and parked right at door. wahaahaha!!! best service!!! probably coz of many stuff that made it so long as well. were there for like almost 2 hrs or something. because i had more details i guess, plus slight errors on his part, thus confusing me 2.

i must say though, the chinese/thai (me and sheetle can't decide) detective was so hot man. so cool. saunters in ala Chou Ren Fatt, black overcoat and so on.. waaaaaaa *drools*


unlike the movies though =X i was a little disappointed. i wasn't lead into this cell like thing with sound proof walls that has got holes in it and then u know, just me and so and so talking, and him taking notes or using type writer.

just a normal dell and word pad T_T so sad!!!! or at least more high class la!! use palm top!!! buuuttt noooooooo dell. -.- geez.

also, on a side note. when you go clubbing, please be considerate. SUN DANCES are meant to be performed out in the fields, thus the word SUN so u can entice SUN. there are little people around u too, who doesn't need to know which direction ur arm pit hair grows, nor how it smells.

further more, learn to say sorry then do the right thing. not say sorry once, and then sundance ur way to hell. i can not count the number of times i kena on the head by some retard's elbows and wildly flaying arms. they were doing the sun dance, the boob dance (u know where they shake the boobs while doing belly dancing, ya like that) and the "praying mantis dance".

first off. HE and his FRIEND has no boobs. so wtf at across the dance floor boob dance.

2nd, they aren't praying mantis, so wtf again at across the dance floor praying mantis dance, complete with squating on the floor and dancing towards each other, like mating season or something.

thirdly, the fucking dance floor is so small, they literally blocked people from being able to dance happily, with their flaying arms, arm pit smell, shouting on top of the already loud music, thereby making us efficiently deaf for 20 mins each time.

not to mention that bump on my head from constant knocking. no matter where i hide, they manage to come close enough to hit my head.

no i am not short.

and kicking people is not a form of dance, at least not in clubs. thx.

ok time to get the smoke, beer and armpit smell off of me. stinky shit early in the morning. damn!!!

damn camera actually got the blood, but wont take sunrise again T_T


ooo forgot to add, i move my entire ah... hrm... speakers and ah... my ipod into bath room... and u wonder why i stay so long in there


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