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Ok i am a nerd, i happen to like to read and the sad part is, i am actually just trying to procrastinate my cleaning of the room. i have resorted to reading news, my texts, my reading bricks, but good lord, every time i finish like one page, one chapter, one paragraph, i just couldnt bring myself to move more than one article in my room.

see, the landlord is coming in tomorrow to get some bank to refinance her apartment and they wanted to have a look around. but since neither me and linxy has effectively moved in (read: unpack all our shit), we aren't exactly in any state to let her allow the viewings. of course i can pack it up nicely in like 2 hours, but i am not very motivated to do so at this very moment.

one thing that caught my eye while reading though, has got to be women's status in the world, in peace time and at war.

from the woman who secretly got herself ordained as a priest, while under roman catholic laws, to the young woman who divorced her husband while being a child bride, to those little girls who were raped because they were the minority in burma, the abuses on women.

i don't quite know what to make of this. i thought we live in a modern world, regardless of the various situations we might be in. the bigger, more powerful states promise to protect the weak. but it seems, women will always be the last of the people to be protected.

although it's through we have come a long way since time untold, why are women still viewed as the primary home makers then, why are women viewed as the ones who should drop their jobs so that they can look after their children and depend on their men?

i know i am probably generalising too much, perhaps hoping too much as well, but child bride, arranged forms of marriage are still happening the world over. while it is technically illegal in some countries, it's not like the countries are actively enforcing the laws as much as they could to prevent such marriages from happening.

understandably though, it could be because the country is big, but what about the local policemen? why aren't they doing anything?

many things are happening, and authorities that could do anything about them are closing one eye to them, because they don't want the country to look bad, they don't want to interfere with traditions and what not.

in these modern times though, traditions are the very things holding us back in moving forth to being a truly modern society. maybe they don't want to be modern, maybe modernising the society is bad, because it can lead to other things. Then the vows of social equality and whatever other things in their speeches are just a pack of lies.

women are being undermined in their daily lives, in what's expected of them. it's ok for men to womanise, it's socially crippling if a woman is found in bed with another man that's not her husband or boyfriend.

it's ok for a man to be priest, because none of jesus's disciples are women. but nowhere in the bible was it mentioned that he didn't love his women followers as much, if not more or less. i am not talking about the controversial mary magdalene book, but i am talking about the actual bible. he acknowledge all of his followers as much as his 12 disciples.

and while eve was the first one to help commit the original sin, let's not forget that judiah was also the man to betray jesus.

that saying, since judiah betrayed jesus, are we sure we want possible descendants, relatives of that traitor on the altar?

fuck no. well not me anyways. who knows what they would do to sell out the church right?

but men has been at the altar for the last 2000 years and abit, while women have been at the back, silently supporting them, teaching them, studying with them, along their path to priest hood.

the bitches for the dogs.

so why no women priests? coz we might prove to be better? or are we still viewed as THE original sin?

i am not angry at the church, i am angry at the men who believes women as the cause and effect of everything, as the one to carry the responsibilities, as the one to bash up when things go wrong.

i am angry at the people who could do something about the women being abused, being neglected, being pushed around, and who does nothing because "it's none of our business what goes on behind closed doors, or out where we can't see".

as long as it happens on home grounds, as long as it happens within the same globe, under the same sun, the same sky, then it is your business, it is our business, because the next person that could be raped, could be punched, could be rejected by the society, could be you, your wife or your daughter.

because we are human too.

because your mum carried you around on her for 9 months or so, therefore she and those after her are worth it.

because if you are a woman, you wouldn't want all those ideologies enforced on you either.

because if you are a woman, the day you lost your husband and have to find work all over again to support your kids, you might wish you have a penis instead right from the start.

because if you are a woman, you don't want to feel unwanted.

because most of us as women, are proud that we are women.

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