Feeling sick~

it's been a while since i posted, mainly coz i was busy gaming, trying to solve my headset issues and then more gaming, eating out and so on.

i guess this accumulated to me being sick. i am having a damn sore throat now, and my nose won't stop dripping like some broken tap. the sore throat came from the dripping nose, so i am basically coughing up fluids and feeling all shit, right off the cuff.

then again, i was at sydney, this place that often gives me this stupid sickness anyways. stupid dusty, polluted places.

on another note, greg has made a "myspace" thing for himself, one of those new sites up that tries to combine everything together into one place, like msn space or something. the thing about such free places is that you can't customise as much as you could like on blogger. or you could, but the basic layout still have to adhere to theirs. and most of the time, it can get pretty messy.

greg is just a kid though so don't mind his stuff lol. it's funny when u read it at this age, sometimes cute, but he's really just 16 or something, not the big ol' 19 that he wants to be.

back on myspace though, i kinda like the way i could add in my moods, what i am listening to and so on. stuff that wordpress and typepad does allow. one costs money though, and the other requires space that i don't have on the shared ftp i have with jakie, my cutie. but i don't really want to move from blogger, nor pay for those stuff anyways, it's just a damn blog where i pour out stuff on.

i did create an account though just to read some blogs while i am sniffing away at the pc, and i even started a myspace blog just to see how their templates and all that work, and this is the result lol, it's so pink and blinding!! but better than my first run at it, where everything was just bright pastels till u can't see shet.

also, me and jake finally got our pink blogskin done up with html and so on.

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we put it up on blogskins just for the fun of it to see what's the reaction of people's and so on. sadly, i am an idiot, i still don't know how to upload skins and so on, so somehow for some reason, it won't show up on the preview so i actually had to make another test blog so that it would show up. i put up such a lengthy description of it though i am not sure everyone actually read it. it had a total of like, 9 downloads as of last night, 2 from me though coz i was checking if the codes show up despite the broken preview.

then i went on this wi-fi hunt around canberra. i know there are lists everywhere, but i can't seem to find lists that shows free wi-fi spots. so far, those that i have found from various lists requires some payment. and australia being australia, it's pretty much an exhorbitant amount. 22cts per kb dl.

the one that i found by chance though, was totally free. i am not going to list it here, as it might start charging fees then. email me if you want to know where. i am not saying i want to be a free loader and what not, but you know, most of the times, if people do use the wireless there it isn't for more than a couple of hours, and that's inclusive of whatever we do in those places. i just don't think it's right to charge for minute usage, on top of the profits that they are already earning from us for the various services we might be spending in the aforesaid place.

sigh to sick to play, or eat. i shud just eat though, coz otherwise when i get un-sick i am going to be this ravenous monster...

meanwhile, if anyone knows of a program or something that i can make blogger have all those emotes, the mood thing, music and stuff, do tell it's nice to personalise my own diary abit more...

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