quitting the tards

i finally lost it.

after many attempts to login at the time they want me to login, not getting parties, not being able to lvl yet expected to die for them while they are not prepared to listen and be perfectly capable of any teamwork whatsoever, i left ds, at least for now.

it's not good news, nor a great relief. after one home, i left for another "home" and i was happy, if even for a while. but things catch up. i can't stand how nobody listens in the sub, and everyone mostly parties with their clique. i know you can't avoid cliques but at least, if you want me to be any higher level, surely i must stop delevelling and start levelling.

what was most memorable was how i died in a siege, and no one cared to re level me back like they promise-- because they were using my account and not me.

oh i could start parties, but how many people would whine, how many people would want prophet buffs?

at this point, i don't know if i want to play anymore anyways. a healer without a clan is hard to level, but i dont feel like being clanned any time soon, since i dont want to be near retards.

i guess it's time for either a full reroll or just go back to playing cs, after all, i can be with retards on cs, but i dont have to be a part of them that would piss me off.

another thing, in games, i realise there are very few girls playing, the gospel according to men with small dicks. last night was the most appalling night in terms of behaviour. someone realise ooo so and so is a girl ( some newbie i don't know) and shout chat suddenly became all alive and full of horny guys.


keep your dicks in.

just coz your wildest fantasy doesn't play games, doesn't mean that girls don't play games.

and girls play games way better than guys, as far as i am concern, although we all pms every few days or so.

at any rate, the good news is, my hot water is finally back up, after i almost froze in my bathtub last night and had to boil water... AND

my glasses arrived...

while i still look nerdy as ever, i'm not all that blind.

something seems wrong with the glasses though, like wrong degree or summat....n so i am fairly disoriented at times. oh wells. i am still sick, maybe that's it.

i KNOW all this is in hard to see pink, too bad, GET OVER IT... muahahaha

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