cold water

this is deft and dumb. the water has been gradually getting colder since we moved in. originally they were warm right from the start.

then it changed to me having to turn them on for abit before they had get warm.

today's water decided to be freezing cold. i stepped in and almost died. hypothermia in my own bath tub!! wtf is that about!?!?!?

then the accumulation of all the drama i have heard/witnessed finally came to a climax, with regards to my game anyways.

most people should know i am friendly with alot of clans, especially shadow sanctuary, we went quite a ways back. during my early dealings with them, i also happened to be friendly with another clan, the now defunct D!E clan, who also happens to be the earlier versions of the "baddies" (as someone once put it o.o), just going around griefing people and so on and having a laugh.

ultimately i don't really care what u do in game, coz game is still a game, although some actions do piss me off, it doesn't mean i am guna hate u irl too.

anyways, one time i was helping to ressurrect this guy who was in D!E clan who proceeded to perhaps grief Shadow peeps or something, but it never happened, and i wasn't the only healer and so on. but somehow word got around that i was healing them against shadow sanctuary clannies and i got banned from the ventrilo and stuff for ages.

that was despite the fact that i was actually the one who notified them that Wiser was coming...

so all these misunderstanding accumulated to me being embarassed by their stupid clan leaders, Divinity and Herithius who didn't bother to clear anything up with me, nor apologise nor anything along that line for a very long time. and of course i was upset that they didn't even see that hey, i notified them.

so moving along a few months later, div and heri game hopped to wow, and i sneaked back onto vent finally because everyone missed me or so i was told, and i started talking to everyone again.

of the few people that i met ingame, they were one of the very best lot of people, synerge, crow, soribel/katyana/leilana, zurra, namja etc.

the others were of course my clannies, sojuman, darkgummi, chosam (the 2nd one), chunk the hoe, and some others...

and then my "enemies", diawa, xephia (erratic person whom sometimes makes me wana hit him too)

the list goes on. BUT this wasn't what i meant to say -.-

anyways, so after game hopping for abit, div and heri finally decided to come back to l2, despite cussing at it, saying how bad l2 was and so on when they initially left. (it was on their forums, but they deleted sections of it, so now its all plain and gh3y all over again).

but with them they bring a storm of new ideas derived from NOT having played l2 for like ages. they wanted to pvp like how they did in wow and various other issues. and finally got everyone mad when they got disrespectful towards their allies and everything kinda blew up from there...

not to mention the other small factors that were already brewing in the background... (imagine this, a lvl 58 person who had played for quite abit before he quit, not knowing what other classes can do or can't do.. or what haste buff does...)

and everybody had a secret meeting to basically kick them out of the clan (u can't say everyone revolt and leave clan since, we are talking about practically EVERYONE!! so yer, its booting the leaders out of the clan...).

yes they are leaders, and yes they did make the clan. doesn't make them autocratic hoes.

so about 4 weeks after returning into l2, they conveniently got everyone mad enough to boot them from alliance. and instead of facing up to their faults, anyone who questions their motives or actions gets the ban/kick stick...

from divinity..

finally, even those unrelated people from the other games who asked why laura was banned, got the ban stick without much of an answer...

all i can say is...




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