dad seems to find himself funny.


firstly he calls at 2 ams mostly now, coz he finds it funny i actually sleep early when i am here.

next he only tells me my army of aunts are coming to australia AFTER they have already taken off. good job.

and after i have told him i was going sydney, the trip that was YESTERDAY. for fucks sake! couldn't he at least have made the call when he sent them off so they could gimme a run down of what they are doing when they touch down so i could figure when to go up and visit? or at least make communication easier!!

i mean he knows i didn't give Antique my new numbers coz i am scared of her, and he just finds it hilarious now i would be waking her up early tmr. good work dad, i really need to be on the war path of Antique at 7 am in the morning.

he even suggested i tell her i dont have any phone lines at all. and that i used my housemate's mobile to receive calls from him. eh hello? i am guna be carting a mobile around if i am guna visit her right? she's not blind!?!?!

and i need to clean my room otherwise i would hear more bitchings... oh god, dad could have given a better warning than 5 hours worth of it or something.

he had the cheek to LAUGH at me "ner ner ner, enjoy!!"


and mum lied to them that i forbade her to come visit me and that i didnt want a casual job. hallo!?!?!?!? wei???? *knocks* wtf is wrong with her?? she wanted to come ALONE!! good work, so if she misses her connecting flight, her babble of broken chinese is not going to help.

oh and if she comes during exams period, she would be only in the way than really helping ("eh, bring me out to some sight-seeing leh") because that's exactly when she wana come!

and who's guna pay for it? neither dad nor her has the spare cash! wth.

and if i ditch her at home, she's guna be whiny about it. ffs.

2 am warning for a 7am arrival. real smooth dad, real smooth.

and putting me on the warpath too, and laughing at me. -.- i feel so great.

and when i mentioned the communications problem, he told me to just plant myself at paddy's, since antique brings people there when they visit, and then order lotsa food and ask her to pay when i see her.


he wants me to die. i swear.

i might have to disappear back up to sydney for a few days them. good work.

cya guys.

i might not make it alive.

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