mr and mrs smith

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just done with movie with wadge and linxy. we watched, yep, mr and mrs smith, and damn, angelina jolie has got great boobs and ass. makes me want to punch them to test out if they are real or not.

no i'm not jealous, just admiring them.

it was a great movie, fast paced and well done. although the trailer pretty much let people know what happened in terms of, how they found out they were each other's enemy and so on. that wasn't the twister though.

through out the movie, i like the oomph they gave girls, like how women can be emotional but can be highly organised (read: anal) yet get the job done as well as, if not better than, guys can.

an all done with finesse.


and honestly, while it's a fast paced movie with lotsa fighting and shooting action, i find myself unsure as to hide behind wade's jacket or to laugh out loud. it was a cross between funny, scary and at times, really sad that i wana cry. ok, so i am a sod, does it really matter here.

what really interest me in this movie is how they totally redefined the entire meaning of violent sex.

oh yes, violent sex. some people like to call it rough sex, at times, sadomasochism.

this is... raw.. uncut... undescribable.

trying to kill each other before sex, punching, kicking, kicking of the testicles, broken glasses on the floor, its like WOW. they had sex all over these broken shit, doesn't it hurt?

then again, it might be more erotic. i'm all for wild sex.

this is more rauncheous than my wildest imagination though. really.

man. makes me wana watch it all over again.

mean while, to vent the hyperactivity that derived from watching people punch each other out, i took it out on wade, i think i broke his arse.

and he will be on flight for 24 hours to london tomorrow. oh wells. poor thing. he can just sit on a broken arse. and some broken arms. ooo man. i wana punch someone again.

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