just done with 24, the entire first season.

since i started being sick the night before, i finally got myself started on the first disk proper and got hooked. Like most series that draws viewers to watch it, this has it's own elements to keep their viewers interested and so on, and one of which is this method of "who's dunnit" issue, and also how it's spread over 24 hours, each episode an hour of that eventful day.

people might ask, "why weren't you playing l2 instead like you usually do?" truth is, i had to sleep every few minutes, my head was exploding in every single direction every now and then, i didn't even felt like moving out of my bed, much less play in an ever moving environment.

so sit in the bed, i must, with laptop on my lap just watching every single episode in bed, occassionally recharging the poor thing so that it can survive the next 6 hours and so on.

back to 24, it was a good show, lotsa twists and turns that you wouldn't expect, unless you were like me, read reviews, read the pamphlet and what not such that all is known to me. hehe. well, to be honest, i am a wuss when it comes to ripping flesh. that's right, i can withstand blood, i can withstand bombs and so on, but even the very sound of flesh ripping apart makes me cringe and wince and that's why the bed was the perfect place.

i used the blanket to cover my eyes.

so having the reviews around me was to prepare for what's coming up, and of course, to know what happened next.

i am kind of an impatient person, usually wanting something wrapped up within an episode or so, if not maximum 4 episodes. so with something like this spread over 24 episodes, it drove me mad, albeit it had lotsa interesting storyline, character development and drama drama drama. i did enjoy it though, don't get me wrong, i just wanted it to end sooner so i had know who to dislike!

admittedly though, when one of the characters convulsed due to grief, i actually cried, more than felt awww move on already. that was how much the characters got to me, and how much i could relate to them.

but this show started alot of thinking on my part. i don't like to learn things, but i like to know things, i like to research and find out more about them, rather than have someone feed them to me. like a hands-on thing, don't know if any of you understand what i mean.

if you check on to the 24 website and run thru jamey farrell's profile on character profile, that's pretty much what i had probably end up doing, professional hacker, if i had the patience and ability too. sad to say, i hate maths, and i hate all that mathematical "logic" behind all the computing bs, so no, i won't be hacking into your computer any time soon to see what kind of porn you like.

just pure data collecting though, that's so... intriguing. to know more about something, someone, some place, some... something. knowledge isn't power, but it's really beautiful. maybe i am just weird you know... just really weird like my friends say i am.

in the mean time, i am still just a silly, stupid university student, half sick to death and wanting to get well. oh i am slightly better today, other than the 5 min hacking i did into a phone call while i was checking on our pipes filtering. i just want to stop sounding like a hussy. i am sure i sound and act better than the real life show that hilton put up.

i had a glance at it yesterday and i was like, omg.... ffs, they had the worst memory, worst attitude and worst brains. i am not saying i am so much smarter, but geez, can you get any more bimbotic than that?

although linxy suggests that they seem more intelligent than that, that everything was just a cover-up for more popularity and attention, admittedly though, if one can think something up that's so bimbotic, surely, just surely, there must be some drop of truth to it all!

oh wells. they can afford to be bimbotic. just hope the next generation of theirs isn't close to being like that or worse *shudders*

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