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i planned to wake up like, 1 hour after i have slept, in the end i found myself snorting so hard in the middle of sleep that i actually woke myself up. how retarded.

rummaging through some pictures while trying to wake, i found that i suddenly have an urge for cakes. i know, it sounds dumb to get the urge while looking at pictures. but i havent quite ate cakes for a year or more now... wait, probably more. my family isn't into celebrations of any sort either, so we don't have birthday cakes for any occassions.

parents are those chines-y people who thinks if we are to celebrate we gotta go through the entire tradition and what not, which obviously does not involve any cakes either. just noodles and being locked up in your room.

then again, my parents have long forgotten how old i am. my mum says i am 27, my dad says i am 20.

anyways, so i dressed up, coat and all, happily went out into the morning cold.

to find a stupid shop all closed up with the cakes well on display.


to be honest, i started pawing at the glass, staring at it, and stomping around.

i guess i could have gone to civic and gotten some cakes and what not. but it's retarded. the boards were up promoting this evening's deal, and it usually is open at this time of the day. so why isnt it opened now!?!?!?

after creating quite a scene, i checked out the supermart but NOOOOOO none of them have anything interesting there.

why aren't shops opened when i need them? infact why isnt anything there or easy to find when i needed it but rains on me when i don't?! it's like this huge conspiracy against me!

first it was all the stuff ingame. then, its all the damn stuff in real life. damn cakes.

good news is, my new phone is finally arriving. stupid t mobile. i be awaiting it on thursday, unless something screws up, and customs decide that i should pay gst for a pretty phone.


no pictures yet till then.

oh well if u want, jake took a piccy of it to show me what my phone looked like when he got it.


not like it helps the wait any better. it's a samsung e315, not a spectacular model, just that i love anna sui, her designs, and purple in general. yes, my first love was never pink, it was infact the most hated colour i had for a while.

before that, my favourite colour was purple, various shades of it infact. i still love it, especially lilac. somehow, the colour doesn't like me so i have stopped wearing it now.

when i was about 10-14 or so, i turned goth for some reason, and basically insisted to the world i was a vampire. parents obviously didn't help, THEY insisted i was a vampire to me too. i started a large collection of fangs and black and white clothes with blood hints on it. my mum's a tailor/seamstress, so before i turned 14 or so, most of my clothes were made by her.

you can guess what happened.

i requested a wardrobe of goth clothes, from vapid looking ones that was like a rip off from some mad anime (well i didn't really know much animes then or the difference, so it's like a cross between a vampiric looking sailormoon and some marvel comics character).

ok that wasn't part of what i intend to say. but yes, the phone should be reaching australia this week, it's purple, it's black and it's pretty. and it's a camera phone my first !! so happy. dad got a new phone for himself last year when his got stolen. and it had a camera in it, as part of a certain loss plan by m1, his service provider. which meant he could get phones cheap. well certain ones anyways.

my mom got all excited. when he called me first after he got his new phone, mom snatched the phone and started screaming "it's a camera phone!! it's a camera phone!!!" i just stared at the wall then asked "what's so surprising about that?"


anyways, yay... my anime downloaded... well tsubasa chronicles anyways. still waiting for bleach to be translated. in the mean time i tried this quiz... with the bleach anime in mind basically trying to figure out which of the 10 or something main characters i resemble the most.

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eh, i am not pretty, beautiful on the outside, but this girl has damn big boobs. i need plastic surgery...

EDIT: well um.. guess what bf got for his part of the quiz?

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