on nudity and blogs

was reading around and realised plenty of issues about a particular blogger and her choice of putting her nude photos on her own blog.

many people have comments about it, and singapore being singapore, there was as much negative comments about it as there were nonchalent ones.

to set the record straight, i don't view her blog much, not a big fan, but not like a hater or anything. my point of view on that whole issue is that, the blog is on the net, if it's not hers, it would be somebody else. everyone willingly accepts porn on the net, but such personal nude pictures on her own blog could only be viewed as an artistic portrayal of herself, especially in the context that it was taken in, the article that it was posted in and so on.

there's nothing wrong with artistically taken pictures, and even if it was a sexually suggesting one, there shouldn't be too much of a controversy on it. how many of us has chanced upon porn, or deliberately viewed porn webpages and didn't think twice about it? not many of us can be innocent on that.

just because someone decided to put her own nudity up on a public area, does not mean she's any more or less moral than us, or that her parents did nothing in nurturing her.

everyone has a sex life too.

2 thousand years ago, it was perfectly fine to have sex, to be married and so on.

what makes it so different 2000 years later?

many people might point out, 2000 years ago, our lives were nomadic, barbaric, with few civilisations, and can't be compared to today.

however, 2000 years from then, most of what have changed is the exterior, the facade we put up for everyone. once in bed, everyone's an animal. what, you're going to say "excuse me please" while before you cum?

better yet.

"please don't look" when ur stripping while having sex? or "please don't touch"?

that would sound hilarious but if that's what comes out of "civilisation", geez, sex must be a very boring thing.

then again, considering how loud some people can be in bed, i foresee other scenarios. to be a considerate neighbour, they would stifle their moaning and groaning while having sex.

all these are part of a normal sex life. there didn't seem to be any changes in that while the rest of our lives got civilised.

now back to the girl who posted her nude picture on her blog, 2000 years ago, people might have said more like "that was a nicely done picture". we, their descendants, who are "civilised" should probably head towards "i wonder what camera/lightings and such were used" than "her parents taught her shit"

we choose our own paths in life, not our parents, not the people who judge us, but us. so, even if ur shy about your body, and jealous that other people have the ability to post something up about themselves, don't let it get to you. and don't judge others.

cause the day u show ur hairy butt to the rest of the world, we might not take it lightly.

and i don't understand the media very well. why's it that so many people have nude picts all over, and yet when ONE singaporean post her nude pict on her blog it's such a hoo ha? surely as journalists, and the fact that singapore is also well hooked to the internet than even, say, rural australia, they should have seen some form of artistic imagery. and yet there's so much fuss over ONE blog.

geez. ran out of news topics?

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