Batman begins, then again

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aha, i totally zonked out for the last few hours, and now i am semi awake, semi unconscious, still spacing out every now and then.

i basically managed to get my room all cleaned up by 11am, but linxy went off to bed at about 5 am or so, coz i think leah woke up and he decided to sleep with her to lessen the noise and so she isnt lonely since she might be going home soonish. before he went to bed though, he started unpacking his speakers and what not, resulting in a bigger mess in the living room than before he started packing.

we were supposed to go watch movie at 2.30pm though, but i didnt know the full details or didnt really heard him the first time around, so basically went to bed after cleaning up, setting alarm to go off at 2.30 itself.

what amazed me though, was how inconsiderate linxy was. he decided that he would clean up before going, so that the landlady would turn up and see a clean home. i know he got up at about 11 or so, but i dont quite know why he didnt tell andoo and rosie we might not make it on time earlier.

by the time i got woken up by rose, they were already half way to woden, basically just checking where we were. all he did was said "crap" to me when he found out, but didn't suggest anything else, so rosie told me to tell him to get ready for the 3.30 session instead.

at the end of it though, the landlady did kinda told us we dont have to clean and stuff, if anything, the last time the evaluators came over, they just head to the balconny for a chit chat session.

from the looks of it, this time around, it didnt seemed like they even came in. she didnt pick up the mail that i left for her.

then we had batman movie. it wasn't bad at all, and i love alfred's sense of dry humour. if i ever get a butler, i definitely want him. well not him, just someone like him.

i also like how katie holmes looked when she was all passed out on a table. so hot.

somehow tho, the guy who plays batman, his face seems weird, abit off. like a botox job. i have seen him before tho, and i know its his natural face, its just how it seems so... hard. like a mask.

overall, the movie was great, nice action, fighting stuff, and what not. my only grudge was that it was slightly longwinded. then again it might have been just character development.

i know they kinda killed off the guy who was supposed to be the joker, and made it someone else instead, but since i am not like a huge fan or something, it's not something that bugs me. it is after all, a movie adaptation. there's only so much u can fit into a 2 hour movie and still hold attention.

we picked up stu for dinner after that, and bundled off to queanbeyan for dinner at central cafe, but it was pretty full and we were fucking hungry, so we went off to rendevous, which was nearby and bigger. the contrast was huge. it was almost empty. its not like the food is worse off than central, infact they were similar, but i dont get why central was in queuing status and rendevous was almost empty.

we had our fun though, and the waitresses were uber friendly, they had sing and dance to their radio while we just laugh at them and they had chat us up and so on.

tho i reckon it's probably coz they like stu and his "afro". they brought us a total of 3 servings of after meal mints, each forgetting that the earlier had given us some, and at the 2nd serving we were told to hide the evidence!

so we shoved it into stu's afro. lmao... he looked so pretty... all gold wrappers and whatnot... rosie and i couldn't stop laughing ahaha... so cute.

altho i admit, one of the ladies was right, stu's so big and hairy, u just either want to give him a hug coz he looks like a bear, or u had want to pluck out all that arm hair.

or wax him.

i swear he had kill me if i try. lol...

mmm ok... i will try and sleep again...

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