maple story

i just discovered a new game tonight!! it's also a cutsie form of mmo (like roseon, but 2d... kinda.). i havent quite really played it much but the various emotes and so on made me laugh so much...

here have a look

it's so cute!! i have even made emoticons from the various emote faces the characters can put up with like this yer yer!!! ahaha

damn cute right?

still haven't had any replies from the stupid company that's in charge of these apartments, so i guess its more cold showers for me why cant they just let me be happy and safe?

on with the drama on ss side, i don't feel like posting there, so i shall just state it in my own blog about what i feel.... my own space after all, no one to hand me the ban stick.

when a clan, a group or even communities are formed, leaders being leaders are naturally looked upon as... well leaders ( u shud get what i mean) people who basically are the role models, even if it's for a while.

even if it's just a game, or something in real life, being a leader is never easy, but the main issue is that i, as a leader, respect everyone else and hopes that it's reciprocrated... some times it does not, some times i would not be appreciated, other times i can be damned to hell, the most important point is to actually keep your cool about it.

why did div and heri made everyone so upset? from various point of views, what i understood was no one was "respected" out right. everyone was kinda "ignored" or "shot down", which resulted in them being looked upon as power hungry, especially div and her ban stick wielding.

the point is, if one is so much in the right, why would there be so many unhappy people? it's true, if u make a decision, not everyone is going to like it. but if 80% of the people are upset about it, telling u it's not the wisest choice and so on, wouldn't it be fairer to actually listen on it.

leaders will have to be listeners at times too. that's why it's hard to be a leader, because i would have to swallow my hard-ass ego to actually sit and listen.

searching and listening to the opinions of others is not that hard a thing, although it is always easier to wield the ban stick in front of everyone.. and just deny everything.

but it doesn't make it right, nor make the problem go away.

if the problem blew up to this point, then blaming it all on one person (aka lexi) is even more wrong. do recognise that once u deferred authority onto someone, u can't just come back and say "ok i am guna help u solve the problem, by suggesting this and this and this and expect at least 70% of them to be carried out, because i say so coz i made the clan". nothing in this world works that way, unless ur hitler and u do a great job at brain washing.

my own hate with div and heri though, is all on my own maybe someone had agree with me and be as bitchy as i am, but in the mean time, most of my disgust with div, and later on a slight bit, with heri, derived from the few incidents that i actually had a run in with them.

as long as i was in the same vent as div, mostly, i felt uncomfortable so i don't try and stay long.

i may not have known much about what happened first hand, but like i said, i don't believe in purely banning someone, kicking someone from a group just 'cause you can, just 'cause someone to say do it and so on. i mean, clearly the person has the ability to leave, but if he's taunting you to do it, wouldn't it be wiser to calm down and have a discussion later, rather than "i got home, i was expecting a relaxing evening, instead i got insulting messages thus i boot him, and he requested anyways..."

sounds like an autocratic hoe, no?

what u do not know, what u do not want to face, would never make any problems right, in my opinion.

ahhhh nice long rant woooo.... now, for a cold shower and bed

damn forgot to link you guys to the new game, it's called maple story...

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