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damn stupid bou lol.... every now and then he would suddenly come to life on msn, and starts talking to me about the most random stuff.

well kinda random stuff. from the time i first met him though, we had talk about everything, well mostly me. i had be confiding in him, and occassionally he had talked to me about his then girlfriend.

then we start talking about techie stuff.

this time around, he brought up an old topic, about buying a domain and so on, and then giving it to me or something, asking me if i need it.

see from ages ago, i wanted to have a webhost for my blogs or something so i can personalise more. at that time i have no idea how to personalise my blogspot's template. all that start blog thing and what not, was too confusing for me. not that i am at all good with html, but at least i can dreamweaver it all, or so i thought.

dreamweaver had changed so much since 1999 hehe, i am totally lost in it now.

stupid bou got me thinking about getting my own webhosting again, and hosting my own blog and what not. then he showed me a list of cheapo web hosters... man... he's making me have this urge. =.=

and jake got in on it too lol... he even considered giving up girlswithswords.com then moving over to gheistelfe.com (if i set it up) and yay... we bunk in together in the same webhost and what not. which is weird, but still... lmao... i don't mind, but i am kinda broke at the moment.

for one i am looking for a job so i can not worry about dad sending me allowance, for another i need clothes more than i need webhost. i find, more and more, i am too lazy to wash more clothes :P so i tend to just wear new ones and then, voila, nice new pile of washing to be done.

oh wells.

other than that, i need to go out more. =/ which is of course what a poor uni student can't afford. oh wells.

i do want my own domain and webhost and what not, although i have not a foggiest idea how to maintain it. i do want to have my own .com just coz i wants it. it's not like i need it for anything, other than, say if mum ever gets off her butt being lazy and what not and finally decides that perhaps my idea is good, then i would probably open an online boutique for her to sell shit as well.

but that if, is a big fat if. don't hold your breath, considering mum's attitude, it's never going to happen.

oh yer, the blog's skin changed. jake finally got around to producing the skins i asked him to make coz i am so bad at photoshop (i mean look at wade's face), so this is the first of the lot. i realised i should have made most of the blog easier to change than this, coz now everytime i change a skin, the links font colours and what not have to be changed too.

as well as the damn cursor. oh wells, you guys have been used to pink anyways, you can live with it abit more until i figure out what i shall use as a cursor.

to settle things down about copyright and what not, i have to apologise somewhat about not linking back to the original artists. first and foremost, most of my anime pictures were downloaded as backgrounds from hongfire. however, i believe hongfire did a full server reset or something, while basically trying to upgrade the gallery, losing a huge part of the gallery.

obviously when i look through the galleries and what not, i fell in love with the various backgrounds. hell, i even had a folder called "cute and sweet stuff" just for them. but i never kept any of their creator's names or links, coz the titles are already long enough.

i promise to try and record them when i download any from now on that i use, but any before that is going to be a bitch to find, now with the gallery wipe.

some others are taken from devianart. as with the case with hongfire, plus the fact that some of them were taken 2 years ago and so on, this is going to be a pain in the arse to link back. if you see your artwork here but not credited, just email me. i will just add a link.

these are the 2 places that i frequent for backgrounds for my desktop, that might eventually make it to this blog as it's skin. any others comes from various blog lurking... hehe...

oh wells. if i ever ever feel the urge again i might move from blogspot for good. by that time, you would know, coz, this wannabe geek will inform you, duh. too many of my friends read this blog as an update to them. any other persons read coz, according to one feedback, i was weird. well then. you deserved to be informed.

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