wisdom from dad...

Dad and i have became closer in these 3 years that i have been away. we talk more and are alittle more open than we were before i left. i guess it can't be help, at times, when i am all alone, it seems only dad understands me. after all, these people here that i have met, i have just known for at most.. a few months. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

dad has knew me my entire life. we had our ups and downs, mostly because he believes in the rod discipline, the shouting-at-you-or-beat-you-up type of discipline. he was brought up that way too, so i guess, he probably thought it's the only way. the way he tells me, he simply believes it's too hard to make a child understand reasoning.

he believes too, that a child of any parent is never too old to be chastised by his/her parent, even when the child is 100 yrs old and he's in the wrong, the parent is still allowed to cane him/her. the parent is always right.

me on the other hand, is always clashing with these believes that he has. i feel reasoning has to be done, that if the parent is wrong, he shud admit that he's wrong, and apologise when necessary. no one is infallible after all, and rightly so. the human race is flawed, but beautifully flawed.

dad just called to ask if i had gotten my money, and to spend it wisely. aside from that, he told my glasses are ready and just waiting to be collected by mum tomorrow. then he asked me how it is.

after telling him i generally am done with school for now, and am considering going up sydney proper tomorrow, i put out my doubts about visiting my aunt. for one, her home is cold. so cold. and i am not talking about the weather. people don't communicate in there. it feels like a school, sans the warm atmosphere everyone has. there's a tv there, that is only alive at meals. i feel sad and scared when i'm there, coz it doesn't feel like a home.

dad wondered if they had installed a tv card like i was suppose to on their various pc's. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us so into technology eh, dad?

but he did mention, that that's not really a right way to live a home life too. that families should talk more, regardless of how good or bad the talks are. making an effort to reach out to the other human being is often what is necessary to keep relationships alive, to keep one's children and loved ones close to you.

so despite my various bad memories of dad and how much i hated him back then, i still love my dad, coz we can actually talk. there's a normal father/daughter distance, but we talk, i consult him when i have a problem, when i am upset.

in all his wisdom, he views everything as a lesson for the future. to be able to take things as they come. if it has already happened, you can't change it, but you can be wiser from it. that's what i have learnt from dad, a very precious lesson. an inability to let go can bog one down.

then i asked him about blogosphere in singapore. hrm.

if ur wondering why i did that, it's more i am curious. when i first started blogging all those years ago, i never knew many people even blogged online. i only knew my friend and a couple of her friend does. and me. so when i suddenly saw these flood of blogs from singapore, and how big it has become, i was just... curious. some of these people started at about the same time as i did.

dad himself though, never even heard of it, despite the various news article put up all over lianhe zaobao, lianhe wanbao and Xin Ming Ri bao (or something like that.) until i asked him what's up with blogging tonight. so we had a long chat about it, about why i started, what people wrote on their blogs and so on.

being the conservative him, he was worried that i put up too much personal issues on the web about myself. he didn't want me to get "exploited" (muahahahahaha!!!!) because he believes there are lotsa "spies" around who works for some insurgencies and blah blah blah and i might end up being a taliban suicide bomber some how... Image Hosted by ImageShack.us WELL...

then, apparently, he claimed his friend wanted him to start a blog, and has been sending him his own blog links (omg 55 years old ah pek made a blog!?!?! wth!!!) hoping that dad had read it and make his own blog.

dad of course feel vulnerable to the taliban...

and he doesn't know what to send back or put on his blog anyways. so he suggested putting this up.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

to be honest, a no-nosed, taped over mouth, pulled ears and removed eyes person... scares me.i wonder what's wrong with my dad now...

i'm glad for my dad though, that he's moving along with technology now... so much that he wants me back so i can do html, email and other stuff for him that he may look good. -.-

not that i am any good at it at all.

thanks dad. your the best. i may have forgotten when's father's day and mother's day coz of our own practises (my parents don't like celebrations. so no birthdays, anniversaries and whatnots either. only chinese new year Image Hosted by ImageShack.us), but then again, ur still the best Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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