kitty nightmares

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after being rudely awaken by my dad, in the wee hours of my sleep, i finally took a nap after my trip to civic and after playing the ringtone to jake on vent.

ah yes, the ringtone on my samsung e315, oh god, everyone ought to hear it.it's ssoooo cute i can't believe it lol... when i first started twiddling around the preferences and heard that ringtone, i was like "oh my god, that's ssoooo my ringtone" and died laughing :P i think most people liked it, but their reactions were mostly "omg wtf..."

Here's a sample of it, it's wav file though, poor terrorised boyfriend is sleeping so i have no one i know of who can changed that to mp3 for me. it will still open up in winamp anyways, stop whining. it's only 157kb anyways.

how cute isit? lol... sigh... i wana be able to reow like that to my own song too :(

anyways, while i was napping, i had that weird dream again. not sure if i mentioned it before, but i had a dream where me and cute little ninja kittens were trying to take over the world...

well something like that.

anyways, there i was standing in the middle of some war zone, all angelina jolie like, with all the guns and what not strapped on to me and it was all smoking somewhere behind me from some bombings, then this ninja kitty came flying out of nowhere and reported back to me..

"Ma'am! we have a retard in our custody! what do you want us to do with him?"

i was like *twitch twitch* "eh? who have you got?"

surprisingly, i wasn't shocked at a talking kitten.. oh wells. might be just coz i was dreaming...

the kitten lead me back to the "camp" which was essentially... a scratch post with tents.

it was wade... oh my god!!! poor wadge, all bounded up, with kittens sharpening their claws on the post scarily behind him, going "omg!! stop that!!!"

at that point, i think i actually laughed outside of my dream. but no matter. i asked the kitten in command what he was going to do to wade, he looked at me with a raised eyebrow "how about turning him into a ninja kitten? that butt looks good to be a kitten's.."

"i concur" says another kitten somewhere to my right.

i looked at all the kittens who obviously looked like they want that to happen too so i just nod my head.

they brought him to this canister thing, with lotsa watery boiling stuff and threw him inside. i don't quite remember what happen much during that point, that part of my memory got fuzzy...

but what i see next, oh god, it's going to terrorise me for the rest of my life.

oh yer.. that was the horror that i encountered, with his brown hair still attached, he now have a fur coat. ok, i am bad at photoshop, but go imagine the fur coat urself.

at this point, i decided to wake up... i didn't know if i should laugh or be mortified, my love of the kittens have kinda left a bad taste in my mouth when i saw wadge as a kitten..

not everyone is meant to be kittenized...

so here i sit now, all weirded out from my dreams, needing some warmth and some kind of normality here. someone save me!!!!!!

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