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obviously with this damn font and all, i am away on a wi-fi spot again, on my laptop.

its just simply delicious to sit some place else that isnt my home, warm as this, with some cosy music to listen too, and something warm to drink.

it is after all, winter. cold, but not uncomfortably so, it being australia and what not. and this, being starbucks, means a great drink, and a damn nice spot to sit in.

for the past week or so, i waited anxiously for my new phone to arrive. one of my anxieties were mainly that my phone mioght be lost, damaged or i might have to pay taxes for it, after all it is a product bought outside of australia and being mailed in.

i dont know why it took longer than usual, but the damn beautiful thing finally arrived today, prettier than i expected, better than i hope. it will take a while to get used to, this being the first time i deviate from the usual nokia path. but it's not totally hard. i played with it for the little time i could, since i didnt have an international plug earlier on. the sms seems abit queer, space is # key, 0 is a smart keypad short cut and i cant remember what asterisk is.

and it has a camera! i am kinda excited since i opted for no camera phone ages ago since it always was expensive. it has since became cheaper tho. this phone is the same price, if not cheaper than, my nokia 6100.

then again, considering how backwards and expensive mobile phones are in australia, that maybe a reason why.

the camera on the phone seems to have digital zoom. i didnt quite read all the details on the website before, so when i saw the video cam function i was kinda O.o shock.

i do still want that 3g sony ericsson phone at some stage, since it has video conferencing function. but right now, i am so in love with this phone, i am over the moon. oh i know, i have a phone fetish, about as bad as my bag fetish, and shoe fetish. but its how i like my stuff anyways. besides, there's not point having a 3g phone when just about everybody dont have it and isnt able to video conference with me.

and the fact that its more than likely to increase my phone bills.

of course, if i am still studying here or far away from dad by the time he somehow gets video conferencing phones, he might go stupid and require me to get one too once he realises he can see me AND talk to me... sounds scary.

when the phone arrived though, i almost cried. after the long delay and wait, i found the damn phone was network locked to the evil T-Mobile. i didnt know then if the local shops had be able to unlock it, and lotsa solutions online seems cheap but takes a while, since i have to wait for cables to be bought online and what not.

that means another goddamn week in this already like, 2 months wait or something.

yer t mobile sucks like that.

so i had my bed time (yes, i sleep at retarded hours, aka, 10am) then woke up to dad's annoying incessant calls which of course resulted in a grouchy me.

went down to the shops and showed my phone to the crazy john phone guys at civic. they FELL IN LOVE WITH MY PHONE!!! MUAHAHAHA....

so when i told them my problems and what not, they didnt mind unlocking my phone for me, but t mobile would ask a price, probably 10-20 bux, so i would have to pay them for that. otherwise it's freeeeeee.... yay...

power to the people...

so somewhere this time tomorrow, i am going to have a functioning phone that has camera abilities and what not, and goddamn fully charged, and pretty. weee

i am insane....

oh and for people who play games, i don't know if u guys know whats leroy jenkins... it's this player from wow, who did something stupid and killed his entire party. well, basically just ran around and pick up what seemed like aggros. stu said those mobs were easy and the guy didnt have to touch all those mobs, but whatever, it was still goddamn funny.

last night, i hopped on jake's account while he hopped on mine, so he's the healer and me, the evasion tank... and then i did a leroy, lmao... i did warn him and adam though what i was about to do... but jake being un-used to actually being a healer, got me killed.. but still was hell funny, it being the most fun i had since a long time.

at the beginning when i first started grouping up, i used to dare vc to train ourselves. like 4 pink mobs, 3 red mobs or something. that was way before i even bothered to buy normal scrolls of escape. so i died often, but was hell fun.

last night's venture beats all that though. was like 3 spiteful soul group mobs, a few doom knights here and there, i guess totalling about 30-40 mobs. jake healed me before i actually do much damage to all the mobs, and some arent even properly attached to me, didnt notice much about his hp (YES I SAW UUU HEALINNGGG MEEE I DID! WHILE UR HP GOES ---------) and voila, he died.

they came back though, and rezzed me, and we went on at it again, this time with a proper functioning prophet, helped healing and yay.... we killed them all. but damn, it was fun. we had no aoe person in the party so it was hilarious. with laura tho, it suddenly seemed so much easier, plus the fact that me and jake switched back, since u know, he sucks as any character in game :P


i wants more!!!

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