sounds of annoyance

waking up at 7 am to rattling metal, drilling and basically more metal whoring made me wonder why i picked this room out of the 2, bath tub or not. it's directly over the garage, and if anything happens, like when the shutters got jammed the last time, i get waken up at all hours of the day .

granted i slept at like 1 am, 6 hrs of sleep is more than enough. but when ur used to sleeping in abit, and so on, and u didn't plan on waking up early anyways, u had feel as shit as i am right now , where i still can't sleep coz they are doing something stupid to the shutters.

and since i got too lazy to go pick up my ibook, they called again, and in good time too, like 9 am or something. naturally, i was still grouchy, and almost wanted to cancel the sales coz i was just being a grouch and, i do still have this pc after all, just write goddamn notes and come back and copy everything onto the pc then.

ah, but i finally decided to grouch all the way to uni and pick it up and back. the guy was kinda silly though . he got the sticker stuck on the top part, so there was this sticky bit i had to buy nail polish remover to get rid of. he seemed nervous attending to me.

me on the other hand, was looking out for kangaroos.

i got it home, and by then i was fully proud of it. altho, my bank acct has been severely depleted by its very existence in my room now. STILL! i have now a functioning damn laptop.



my battered acer laptop laid beside it, looking all forlorn and lonely. amidst all that drilling and pounding, i actually felt sad. that laptop that had loyally served me for the past 2 odd years, was well and truly dead. well not really. it wud say hi for 2 mins and then bye.


but it was where i first did any real communication when i reached here, where i blogged on when i first hit the ground, where i cried a few times on when i broke up (tear spot wouldn't budge from the touchpad, goddamit.), where i played cs leagues on, various cs wars on, did my first uni assignments on and had mental breakdowns over.


and of course, where i first started l2 on.

amidst all that massive abuse on what was seriously meant to be a lightly used equipment, it survived for quite a while, and now it's time to say farewell. perhaps its nerdy to deliver such a long eulogy to something as lifeless as a laptop. but since it was essentially my companion while i am away from home, my first real mate here since it connected me to all my mates back home, i believe it really deserves a little attention.

when i bring u home the next time anariya, it wud be to try and get u fixed somehow and then pass u down to my sis, whom i believe wud use u lighter than me, thus perhaps fulfilling ur jobscope, rather than overreaching it.

if ur dead even then, i still will miss you.


i believe i mentioned before, how i am overweight, perhaps even considered as obese, especially by singapore's standard. therefore, most people who sees me, assumes its coz i eat too much for my own good and often tells me to cut it down.

generally speaking, i have always eaten the same. too little or too much, i have always had similar intake amounts of food.

but anyways, rarely would u find someone bothering me to eat more or to eat up whatever was on my plate. usually people can't care less.

what i don't get is, often when i visit the stores next door, regardless of which store but as long as its those old ladies, they have one thing in common.

they had give me more food, go all motherly over me and warn me to clean up my plate. good lord! what's with them?!?!

i am not even small size. i am just about the normal height for asians, sometimes taller, i am definitely not thin or stringy. so what's with all that?

the woman attending to me especially, for today, was pottering and fussing all around me, wondering if i had enough food, giving me 3 fish pieces instead of 2, and 2 more bread pieces than what they normally give for soup.

i ended up being too full within 2 mouthfuls of fish, after my soup.

when i asked to pack things up though, she was like "remember to finish the vegies now honey.."


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