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before i go full on into this post, i must set this record straight, about this blog, about the pictures here, about what i write.

a long time ago, i mentioned, this is my personal space. while i admit to it being public due to the fact that internet is not such a secret place, and i don't like passwording shit, there are some lines drawn here. i have allowed people to add me on gmail, led you through little blips of my life, personal or otherwise, expecting you to at least read what i wrote, not to simply jump to conclusions.

of course, there will always be oddballs that will do otherwise. i don't normally care, albeit i will still be a bit pissed, but i don't really care generally.

since my dream post a few days ago though, i have been sent emails, and a few has communicated to me, via some means, and others to my friends exactly what they think.

let me clarify something here. this is MY blog, you do not go to my friends and bitch to them as if they are at fault if they publicise my blog's link anywhere.

if you see something good, you share it with your friends, no?

i thought as friends, we all understand each other. pardon me then, if i am wrong, but since I wrote this, I hold all rights to this, not anyone else. you don't have the right to be angry with anyone else.

a few nights ago, i mentioned a dream i had, it was A DREAM. it wasn't something made up to pissed anyone off, to degrade anyone or to condescend anyone.

i don't do such things. i would pay you out as a friend infront of everyone yes, but i won't belittle you so that you had feel like shit. hell no... but i had pay you out as you would pay me out as a friend. if you don't like it, tell me, I OWN THIS BLOG, THEREFORE ONLY I CAN REMOVE IT.

secondly, it being a dream, funny at some stage, weird at another, scary on another plane, but still a dream, something my mind can't control coz i am asleep. oh, pull all your stupid psychology stories all over me, but i am afraid even when i am awake, i let my imagination run away, i don't control it because imagination is one of the most beautiful thing one can have.

if you like to be a nazi, by all means. but go bring it somewhere else.

there is nothing wrong with me writing out what my dream went. if i could, i would have recorded all my random dreams on this blog, but most times, by the time i am out of my drowsy state, i can't remember jackshit. there were talking sheeps in one, my dad dying in another, me running from guys chasing me in a piazza like place whatever that i can't run out of.

there are so many dreams i can remember bits and pieces of, others i can't, and i note it here because THIS IS MY BLOG.

you, who reads this, were mostly invited here coz I PERSONALLY LINKED YOU.

while it's not the most serious of blogs, nor intended to be so, remember to use some form of brains. if you're going to look at this blog, for any particular reason, before accussing me of anything, READ THE FUCKING POST about it.

i hope i don't have to say this again. i believe everyone is intelligent enough to understand blogs are mostly words. pictures alone sometimes don't say everything. this isn't a photoblog. you want a photoblog, there's flickr to start with. in this blog, my words means more than my pictures, and generally, my pictures holds no meanings, no alliteration, nothing. it's just there to support my words at the most.

and if anyone hurts my friends, even if you're a friend too, i will kill you. maybe not literally, i will still kill you, slowly, emotionally. because if you're stupid, and hurt someone coz of your stupidity, you quite deserve to die torturously.

again, READ MY POSTS before making judgements on the pictures.

if you want me to clear the air on that post... this was the start of that post, before i shoved in wadge's picture:

"anyways, while i was napping, i had that weird dream again.."

in no way did i mention wadge looks like a kitten.

this has nothing to do with what rosie, wadge and yvette posted in comments, but i think everyone should mull over it, sit back, take a coffee, breathe in and think. let me do the equation for you.

Weird dream.

Wade looks like a kitten.

a doesnt = b.

ok... get it?

good. we can learn to get along after all.

tonight, we went for movies with para, andoo and linxy. rosie seemed sick, and i guess, that was a fortunate thing. the movie was the shits.

i won't say its bad acting, there were lots of raw emotions put in, real dark movie, and at times, bad humour, but oh wells. it was all wasted.

i am going to do a spoiler this time around, because this is pretty much what they did the entire movie, in my opinion.

the aliens were everywhere after like the first 10 mins or more of the movie, everywhere they go, people were grabbed or blasted to death, although the blasting reminded me of cremation since the heat was so hot, the people turned to ashes on the spot.

now imagine that, and everyone running, in the entire movie, just running and running, and tom cruise managed to dodge every single one of those blasts, every time the mobs swipe at them, be it in a house, out in the open, he NEVER DIESS NEVER GETS HIT NEVER EVER ANYTHING... except when he deliberately wanted to get caught so he can find his daughter, and voila... he manages to kill the alien, who spouted blood like diarrhoea.

you know those explosives ones you get after getting food poisoning? yer... like that... kawoosh... out from the back, 25 miles from the air down to earth.

alot of things in the movie wasn't explained well, like where the mobs come from, why they wanted earth dead and how they die. takes abit of listening to, if u really wana find out. others just weren't explained at all.

and goddamn the kid screams so much i wana just throw my chair at her.

the only thing good about the movie?

the aliens looked sooo cute.. sooo cute.... sssoooooo huggable.

other than that... blah...

should have napped.

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