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aside from the fact that i have few sleeps that i awake from feeling totally refreshed, i find that the more i want and, at times, need quiet mornings, it is often broken by the sounds of crazed toddlers with parents who either don't care how loud and disruptive their children are, or can't control their kids.

granted that kids being kids, they are often beyond the ability to sit still for more than 2 minutes, but small spaces, and parents who decides to have this "joyluck club" thing in a small cafe shud just be considerate to everyone, and also be very careful of their kids.

filthy gorgeous, this cafe that i have mentioned before, is one of those beautiful, tiny upper middle class cafe, with jazz music at night, that has wonderful wonderful cooks for such an outside-of-towns cafe. even their croissant tastes wonderful, really gorgeous melt in your mouth taste. the sad part was, somewhere in the past couple of weeks that i haven't turned up for breakfast, they decided that breakfasts should only be on weekends.

i guess for the manpower that they have ( i have seen this guy worked the entire day, from opening till closing) it's only feasible to be opened later, and with less hands, lest they tire out their employees.

so anyways, typical of my tradition, where i woke up early enough to have breakfast and could actually enjoy it, i took my grand little Berlin book out, to read while i was having my little breakfast.

when i saw the kids, i believe my first judgement was, awww so cute. i mean they did look so adorable. blonde ringlets, small stature. i don't think they were brothers, just circumstances (their mothers plus other mummies seemed to be some kind of mummies' unite club sitting there, enjoying the morning out too...) brought them together as friends.

then they started terrorising the place slowly. first they took out cars from this toy box near the kitchen door of the cafe, started howling at each other with their impressions of how various vehicles should sound.

then they started threatening their food.

"you want a piece of me huh!" *chomps food*

"don't you want a piece of me!!" *chomps another bit*

"yer i know you want a piece of me!!!!!" *swallows the last bit whole*

all through this, i was reading about how the Red Army was closing in on the Third Reich, cornering them land-wards, the only escape path was by sea, in a period towards the end of world war 2, after the Vistula attack.

somehow, that seems like appropriate action talk.

anyways, as i continued reading about how Hitler refused to face up to the reality, but on the subconcious side, he knew how he was losing the war and his people, the children started activating the "aeroplanes" mode. something that i used to do as a kid too.

each grab their favourite vehicle, and started flying them around the cafe, round and round me, the counter i was behind, and the spot near their parents, making huge box planes sound. at one stage, they decided that they are enemies, and started going in different directions, trying to catch each other. this got really loud though, and since i was sitting directly beside a pillar, the sound reverbrated right into my ears, loud, and annoying.

Things took a change though, as i read through how Hitler made Himmler the Commander-in-chief of the new Vistula army, a total inept at fighting strategies. i was a little absorbed into the story at this point to really try and care about the kids, but they invited their friend, possibly their own, a black labrador outside of the cafe, right into the cafe. then they cornered him into the back of the shop, the exit leading to the toilets, going, "dog dog dog!!"

cornered animals make hasty decisions. i don't know if the dog was their own, a friend's or a friendly. the fact was, the dog might get anxious at being cornered, and might end up biting them, a tragic end indeed, to my stay at the cafe. so i started watching them carefully, to ensure they do not get bitten or anything.

they got rescued by their mums and the waitress who got worried about the dog being in the cafe.

children though, have many creative means to keep themselves occupied, however the situation. so they went back to their aeroplanes zooming all over the place, while i went back to my book on how Hitler's higher ranking staff were starting to be bitches to each other, trying to ensure their spots as the Fuhrer's next in line.

then the kids caught sight of the laptop the shop owner had left running. i started watching them again. they got bemused by the screensaver, shouting "storm!!! storm!!"

"i see fishes"

"ooo nice storm"

see if they had click the buttons, the company's whatever might be deleted and what not. luckily, one of the mum's caught them in time again.

damn motherly instincts.

but as i read on about the bitchings within the Reich, the 2 boys started soft pummeling each other. i said soft pummeling coz they were slow punches, didn't hit hard either, was one of those soft, kneading motions that kids do. when each one had decidedly made the other kiss the floor long enough, the "winning" one will shout "yes i got you!!!"

somehow, that reminded me of the SS officers.

i decided that with the noise, and action, while they goes perfectly well with the book, its a little too noisy for my comfort. noise reverbrating through my head every second is more than i can take, when i wanted a quiet spot to read. so off i went home, yellings and moanings still reverbrating through my head.


they reflect adults at their basest.

while kids are still growing up and learning, sometimes adults have no excuses other than being crudely competitive at the worst of times.

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