miyagi!??! what?

just a short post here before i nap... will add more later.

i did a trial run, just for the fun of it, on kenny sia's blog to see which singaporean blogger i resemble. i don't know about the general opinions of it, since you know, i don't stand infront of the mirror and ask myself what the hell am i like. but one line definitely is right... i make stupid words fit. new words out of old. oh wells. heres the result.

Congratulations Panda, you are...

Mr Miyagi of myveryownglob.blogspot.com

You are witty, and you know people from places. Those two qualities and others make you a very popular person among your peers, because they want to hear you dish out filthy backstage gossips. You also have a knack for inventing new words to suit yourself. You are a very loyal friend, and would jump into the ocean if your friend asked you to. And that's probably gonna happen if your friend gets too jealous of you getting all the girls/guys.

Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?

honestly.. i don't see myself growing a goatie soon, and i haven't read much of miyagi's blog to see the similarities. BUT... i am a strange person. so... yer.. whatever. :P he's a great writer in his own right, but we are 2 different people... funny though, this personality thing ahahaha...

i still prefer being orihime :X

will blog again later.. have some stuff to announce after all!

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