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Well.. my little nap turned into a long one. i guess i was really tired out. Can't be help then.

before i slept though, i called up Crazy John's about my phone, but now they gave me an eta of my phone on either tuesday or wednesday. I know i left my number with them, and if they had changed the eta they should call and if they don't, i should have wailed at them. However, they have been extremely nice to me since the time i asked them for help, as compared to the vodaphone customer service that i called, who promptly just told me that it can't be done.

unless i bring it back to the Service Provider that i bought it from, aka, T Mobile USA. great, i spend another like 200 bux so i can use it on YOUR network? ur mad. and stupid. and bad customer service. but whatever....

well, and i promised an announcement.

remember a few days ago, i was talking about my own webhost, my own domain and what not? Jake and i have finally decided to take up on ace-net's offer, 5 gig space and 100 gig bandwidth. there's another one with a 4 gig space and 100 gig bandwidth by bluehost. i guess we got excited anyways, and just wanted something big enough for both of us to have our blogs hosted on there, and perhaps a forum as well (well that came later in our minds when we discovered the forum capabilities :P). i still don't know why we need forums!

it has wordpressed installed, so saves us the decision of movable type or wordpress, or just use as ftp to blogger.

this means basically, i am moving my blog. i know i know, i said i won't move, but this is too delicious to resist :P, and wordpress is so much more customisable than blogger as a whole. i kinda like that. although i have 0 idea how to customise it (welcome to boyfriend tech support, how may i help you?), it means i can LEARN something about everything else anyways. maybe, from then on, my entire blog might be all techie talk!

oh noes... i am turning into a nerd/geek/tech support!! help...

but yes, this blog will be moving. just probably need a few days or something, while both of us figure out how to work it, tweak it, personalise it, then move both our blogs. the address is similar, just this time in english, rather than faux german, seeing how i have misspelt it...

wasn't my fault though! dictionary's!

once everything is up and going, and i have moved my entire blogger content there, i will set up a redirection thing for u guys for a while, till i am sure most of you have updated your links.

and i am using firefox browser!!! the only thing i like so much about firefox, is the multi tabs. i am sick of ie bundling up into 10 windows while i am doing research and what not. its kinda hard to scan thru the multiple window tab thing when its piled up like that, i rather look left to right.

so many changes in one day... i feel exhausted. oh wait, i have slept 12 hours now.... hrm... what should i change next?!?!

oh wells... waiting to go breakfast at flirty gorgeous again. that place is addictive. that said though, i pretty much dont eat anything else for the rest of the day o.o. need to bake those damn cookies...

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