sigh... take home exam is today. i dont feel like looking at it.

anyone wana volunteer doing it for me? it's not very hard, just some taxation legal stuff ^.^ i am sure you will enjoy doing it!! oh yes, and there are some other exams as well!!

lol, i feel weird. exams all around me, i am playing games hardcore still, reading during bath breaks and getting real stressed that i run back to playing games anyways. oh, don't worry i actually know my work. it's just stress builds up due to exams and assignments due anyways. just part and parcel of it.

i remember my first 4 assignments which were due conseceutively. by the second paper i was writing, i got so upset with it, slammed my laptop shut, started crying and set as far away from my laptop as was possible in my tiny dorm room.

call it a mental breakdown or whatever you want. i didn't want to disappoint anyone's hope in me, least of which my own expectations of myself. but i guess having too high an expectation can lead to fear of making urself look retarded to urself. i don't want to make myself upset like that again, because i want to enjoy life as it is. i loved studying and making myself scared of it sounds terrible.

it sounded like i was going insane.

i guess that's when i got addicted to games too. on the one hand i can play and study at the same time, on the other i can "relax" too. they have their own stresses, as i found out later. but in the mean time, i can "be with" my friends who arent here with me, and i miss them horribly (although those that i love the most dont happen to play games o.o). these "games" brings some form of normality in a new place that i just came to.

admittedly i felt very at home here, but places does not equate people, and i do long faces of familiarity at times.

but wouldn't you?

anyways i am napping for a while, before i go off and pick up my take home.

night night people ^.^

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