do not, on any circumstances, prance around your living room, with the balcony window and curtains all drawn wide apart, thinking ur a ballerina.

no matter how much you love dancing, pretending that you did not do weird poses in the living room will not save you from the embarassment later, especially if the car driving in happens to be someone u know.


as i got home just now, i changed to my short shorts, you know, the ones you romp around ur bed in, in your room with, basically on your own. of course, with the luxury of linxy being at work, i felt a sheer liberty to do that in the living room too, AFTER i left windows and curtains opened, since every now and then i feel the need to air the apartment.

my short shorts with my thunder thighs. stuff that i wont ever walk out in, fearing to scar people's memories.

anyways, so i was dancing, arabesque and all, in the living room. when lo and behold, a neighbour drove home. as everyone should know, i live above the carpark, with the entrance directly below my balcony, which was infront of my living room. since i have terrible eyesight, i couldn't see in all my blindness who was the driver, but i do know SOMEONE DROVE THAT CAR SAW ME DANCING!


i started pretending i was about to fall, and did pretend to fall. and that all that prancing was just a marvelous act of trying not to fall. don't blame me, i was embarassed at that point in time, therefore the need to do stupid stuff without thinking.

then, i put on a serious face and walk out to the balcony, trying to get some reading done for the assignment due this friday, still pretending not to notice the intruder. then she yelled "PANDA!!! IS THAT YOU!?!?!?! ARE YOU MY NEIGHBOUR!?!?!"


*tries to calm down*

she effectively blocked the small driveway to the car park, trying to talk to me and stuff from my balcony to her car, and me, tried to hide my embarassment as much as possible.

apple was from burgie like me, a dorm that had lotsa friends, laughter and of course it's own drunken cliques. she was one of the more popular people, along with her boyfriend, whom i was fairly close with at one stage. so the fact that she moved out surprised me abit, but then again, looking at it now, it shouldn't have surprised me so much since quite a number of the hippy bunch that i do know of have moved out. i am not particularly close to most of them since, i ain't a drinking type, party type nor understand their jokes and pranks.

i am weird that way.

but apple isn't exactly the mean sort or the wild drunk sort, although when she does get drunk, she gets VERY drunk and hilarious.

anyways, she left dorms because her parents were upset with the dorm. they left many many MANY letters addressing her food allergies, to which they have acknowledged and many even knew about that she was allergic to peanuts. the horrifying part to all of this was, last year, they had peanuts in a chocolate creme thing they passed out, and did not notify her about it. normally she would have noticed the peanuts, but it being a creme thing and it wasnt like in massive easy to taste and realised pieces, she ingested them and yer, her throat swelled and she started having difficulty breathing.

amidst all that horror, she managed to clear her mind and got to the hospital and stuff and got pumped with steroids and adrenalin and shet to clear her system. when she approached the kitchen staff later, all they said were "oh, we're sorry."

the ridiculous part was, she could have died.

and all they could say was "oh we're sorry."

how do you say sorry to a dead person you twats? what is so wrong with you guys that u do not understand FOOD ALLERGIES?

admittedly she and her parents could sue the dorms, but i think they wanted less hassle, and thus moved her out, where she could at least know what she is cooking, more or less.

dorms are retarded >.>

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Anonymous said...

heeeheeheee very cute post there cherzz. and yea how they treat ppl with allergies are shocking indeed.