holiday mood

wow i havent posted in... almost a week now! have been playing lineage hardcore on the test server, trying to test out new skills, the new systems, new places to lvl in as well as hoping to find out more information on some stuff in the game.

no i haven't been ditching class, i am having my well deserved 2 week break and thankfully, thankfully.... i was feeling so stressed lol...

dad called the other day, with the most hilarious scenario to report. the reason why he called me was coz mum was on a roll again, bragging to people that she had been giving me 300bux a mth for allowance.

i havent receive anything.

and since the guests she was bragging to were still at home, dad put me on speaker phone while she tries to cover up the fact that she was... just bragging, nothing substantial. so i have been poor for the last 3 months coz of mum's bragging, false promises, yet again. thankfully this time i am more prepared for such situations.

dad on the other hand was laughing his head off >.> he probably found it funny to hear that i was poor. back in singapore i was often in such situation but coz i was working as well i could always find ways around it. but obviously this is not possible here.

and as i play the test server more, i find out more about my "friends". honestly, i dont know what would happen if say i interact with them more irl. helping them ingame on a test server (not even a real server!) i found many of them "borrowing" money ingame and not returning it, then getting all high and mighty on me, and so on and so forth.

and then there are those who do stupid shit and think they are oh, so enterprising. there will come a day where i will snap, mind you, and just yell the fuck out of them and embarass them publicly. i don't get why people are like that. it is but a game, they join in game just hoping to annoy the fuck out of you, behaving like totally retarded people, or take advantage of the fact that you're nice.

it's just totally off.

anyways, disregarding all that...

i discovered the nicest thing on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didnt take a pict of it =/

but, the bread and dips at the pub nearby is mmmmmmmmmmmm......... the dips are gorgeous, the bread is awwwwwww nicely done. i only meant to order it as an entree but damn its alot, its not even a light meal o.o will figure someway to take a pict of it soon!!

ok i am just rambling here, will talk more in the morning!!! gogo holidays!!!

sleep + games = win!!!

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