life and death

in the past week, 2 fairly prominent men have passed on at a ripe old age.

they aren't very close to me, nor related to me in anyway. the circumstances swirling around their deaths made my feel many different things though.

the pope died over the weekend, and the world now mourns the loss of a great man who tried to bridge various religions and repairs relationships with the Roman Catholic Church.

he's an old man, having survived an assasination attempt, i must say, he must have felt great to help lead the church till his death at a ripe old age. his travels, his speeches, his strong unwavering faith, it is an inspiration to many people, especially to the people of his motherland, Poland.

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this is the picture of a man, who gave up his life for his faith.

in his death though, people started talking about how the next pope would not be as great as him, how the next pope, if he even is half as good as John Paul, then it would be good enough. the comment list went on for a long time, all courtesy of BBC news by the way.

i don't know if you see the problem here, but actually i do. letting go of our beloved pope, in his death, is going to be a hard thing. most people relate to him in the vatican city, and many Polish people looked up to him as an inspiration. his death, was "closer to that than of our own grandparents, parents and relatives.." as quoted from someone. that i understand. well kind of.

but if you're not going to give the next pope a chance to prove himself, if you believe in God above, then you would believe in the choice that is to come. Pope John Paul was old. It is his time to meet with the One he has so faithfully been serving, let him go. Isn't that one of the best rewards someone cane get, for serving a master for so long? he's alive, in heaven. that's what we were taught.

the next Pope, as the leader of the church and elected by cardinals, would be as great to the people as the Popes of the past. the church had a very very long, and sometimes turbulent history, with weak and strong popes, sometimes violent. but they are all human, they all make mistake. however, they all have one thing in common. they all walked the same path of the clergy, swearing off all earthly pleasures (although, yer, lotsa them in the past also had flings, some rumoured to have children, go figure) and that, is something to think of in it self.

most of us cant even live without thinking of how to have the most gains for ourselves. (yes i know u guys guna tell me catholic church also happens to be very rich. stop being a tool.)

then, u got idiots who makes full use of this situation to turn thing in their favour. Hey, someone just died, be reasonable, be respectful. don't be a tool and deliberately perseceute more people, because you look like you're really perseceuting their faith.

if you have no idea wtf i am saying, read this. farking pos. trying to assert ur "power" or lack thereof in a time like this is sooo wrong. at any rate, it is already wrong to block off the vatican and tell them to stfu just because they recognise taiwan as a sovereign state.

you lost taiwan's loyalty, face it. get over it, and just let them be already, then maybe you won't look so much like a prick.

bleah... the sun is up. time to get some work done. bye people :D

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