sense of time~

knowing that some how i will fuck up my first day back at school, i set up alarm for the time i should wake...

and totally miss the waking hours by about 3 hours and thus missing the only class of the day Image Hosted by ImageShack.us. coz, i set the alarm at 2 am instead of 2 pm. how retarded can i get....

don't you remember times like these, where u can just turn back the clock and change everything so that u don't fuck it up like how u did? i know it's just the first day back at school. but i have this really bad ah.... belief... that if i fuck up the first time for the week, day, month, the rest of it is going to be like that Image Hosted by ImageShack.us.

i will try not to screw up this thursday. i swear.

meanwhile, reading back on the news, i saw something familiar from somewhere i have read. turns out today's news/magazine, was the first instalment of the forged hitler's diaries on stern. probably an incident that everybody wants to forget, or wish they didn't do.

it was perhaps the classic case of media stupidity, where minimal checks were done on the diaries to see if they were forgeries. pure greed of the possibility of high readership rates, made them only had 1 real authencity check. for the stern magazine, it was a very expensive lesson learnt (9 million marks back then should be worth a few more millions today) but for others, like the "expert" involved back then, Lord Dacre, his reputation was forever tarnished and linked to the diaries. for someone who's work involves hitler, that is a fairly harshed lesson.

time. if only there was more time, if only we could turn back time and change the mistakes that we did, what would you have done? would you have done things any differently or would u have stayed the same despite all the fuck ups u have?

not forgetting that the fuck ups made me the person that i am today..

i think i rather stay the same Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

so this is how shit i feel like right now

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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