end of holidays

in a bang, 2 weeks gloss over, and now i have to go back to that mundane life of attending classes and mid sems are coming up Image Hosted by ImageShack.us. i am not sure if i welcome it especially after 2 weeks of pure gaming and have touched little, if at all on my books.

don't get me wrong, i still love studying i still love doing the readings, it's just there's so much workload i can't seem to have a normal life. i don't remember the last time i watched tv, perhaps when i went back to singapore. i don't remember when i last went out with friends for a normal shopping trip and just spend my own money. those are the few things i miss. i dont like relying on my parents so much it's so fucking annoying.

but i love school. i guess, for stuff you love, there are prices to pay.

on a different note, i just got mail somewhere last week from the australian governement. at first i thought, omg, am i guna get deported or something? then it wrote there "australian electoral commission" or something. basically the mail was asking me to vote.

even though they mentioned IF YOU ARE AN AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN, it still sounds stupid. every year i write out cards that i am leaving australia as a NON CITIZEN and to have mails like that coz they dont bother cross referencing sounds dumb. of course i can always fill it up, send it in and if they accept it, in a few years if i ever get kicked out of the country i be like "LOOKIEEEE U ACCEPTED IT!! ME IS AUSTRALIAN!!! HAHAHAAH!!!" pwned!!! Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

on another note, while i was out for dinner just now, a girl ran past me with a very tight very white t shirt. there's nothing extraordinary about it, believe me. every day u see someone like that. the difference between this girl and most other normal people is, she is almost flat chested, so i guess this would probably explian why she chose her fashion as what she did... she was bra-less. her dark coloured nipples were poking out, perhaps the only ah.... peaky stuff on that section of her body.

it's fairly disturbing though to see nipples that pronounced and worn that way when ur trying to eat. looking at her nipples and her areoles... then looking back on the shitake mushrooms i was trying to eat... well suddenly i didnt feel like eating anymore Image Hosted by ImageShack.us. i am sure everyone can see the similarities between them 2 things and why i felt repulsed suddenly...

dont look at people's chest when ur eating, general advise from the great panda...

for those rich people or people who are interested in supporting a kid in third world countries, i have a form from world vision to sponsor a kid, accompanied with a kid's pict as well. she's a 9/10 years old kid (i can't count), drop by my house or email me for more info. email addie, may i remind everyone, is over -----------> this side. you can gather some friends and share the costs if u wana sponsor and so does ur friends but school, money and so on doesnt allow it.

while some may whine, oh we can barely support ourselves, to be honest, u can eat out less, learn to cook more and yer, u have ur 40ausd a month. or 30, or whatever. while it's spare change to us, or 2 meals to us, it's about a monthly's worth to them, so just cough it up, not that hard Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

i have been supporting a kid for about 2 years now, she's turning 4 this may!!!! so happy, and she's so cute too hehehee... ok so i am a sucker for kids, shut up and get over it. they are sssooo cute, although after they hit like 13, they stop being cute and gets to be a nuisance, especially if ur their parents.

but look at it this way, when they are all independent from you, u just wish that sometimes ur back in those days where they are annoying, dependent on you and that... well u just miss them. kids... what joy! lol... Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

all right, back to the last few hours of playing ...

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