getting ready for class today i decided to set up shop in town in my little lineage 2 game. trying to sell my stuff isnt easy >.>

at any rate, there was this guy who was on friendly terms with my friends' clan. somewhere the other night, he messaged my friend from a different character pretending to wana join their clan. then he started talking extremely good about himself, saying that he heard that "ser" (which is himself) was very nice, a lvl 70 character (maximum lvl is 75), 7 foot tall and breathes fire...

naturally, i wanted to do something interesting to him.

so i pretended to be a chinese farmer in the game. they are called so because they dont necessarily level, they just play the game to earn pixelised money and then sells it on ebay. yes, there are such hopeless fools who buy them because they love to spend more money than necessary on a game.


here was the result.

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he's an american, who obviously does not speak chinese, much less hanyu pinyin, so, i was tearing myself laughing ^_^

gotta love his gullible nature hahahahaah

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