a letter to a friend

i have never been a great fan of writing long emails, nor long letters. they make my hand twitch and want to shut something down, sometimes this refers to the word processors. between 14-20 i didn't quite have a pc though, because the last one broke down, and by sheer intelligence, my dad decided that it was my fault since i used it the most and somehow brought home some virus to it that decided to make the pc never to boot.

of course, we weren't connected to the net nor have i ever downloaded anything to a disk and brought it home to use. it was the era of floppy disks, nothing could really fit in there anyways. so when the pc finally died on us in the 3rd year or so of us having it, my dad concluded that i am a useless person and not worth bequeathing a pc to. as such, poor little me had most of my work, from projects to letters and more mostly hand written, occassionally visiting friends to use their pc and ink to do my work, if i deemed it worth the effort to.

the fact still remains though, at one stage i had about 30 penpals from various parts of the world. i was an avid writer to all of them despite the fact that i really hate penning all these letters down coz they are mostly the same but they are to various places and various people. note, this was way before the dot com boom too, thus net wasnt easily available nor cheap, so neither my penpals nor me have got emails accounts. neither was i any where near efficient with using the internet anyways. every month, i spent 30 dollars on my snail mails, because thats pretty much the stamp fees (like i said, most of them live worlds away...) but what kept me on was the cultures i was experiencing due to this "exchange" of words, however much or little.

eventually though, i lost interest in it, and had to stop penning all these letters because of the cost of it. after all, i was but a poor student, 5 dollars allowance a day and i pretty much spent it all at school. school work piles up during exam periods, resulting in me having to take 2-3 months hiatus from writing, by then, most of the time the addresses are lost. 2-3 months, for someone who digresses as much as me, translates to about a zillion pages of updating my friends.

anyways, amidst my recent spate of online gaming, i have met alot of friends the world over, although we don't quite "exchange" as much as normal people who don't game do, we still have forms of "exchanges" that results in mostly flames, and the showing of of their e-wangs. i sincerely believe that at times they think that with every word they shove in the forums, they think their e-penis and e-ego actually grows and makes them look like arnold schwarzenegger (or something like that) and that actually killing people in a game probably makes them the hero or someone deserving the medal of courage and honour.

these people really amuses me at the time and effort they spent on it to look like so.

one friend whom i have met and got to know better though, is a fairly intellectual guy from the states. for a while we kept losing touch with each other because he had a crazy email system in his college. but like me, he's an ingame slacker, perhaps more so than me because he is too lazy to pk or pvp, and doesn't fly into as much a rage as me when my alts whom i farm busily on, gets picked on by various shady characters.

not to mention, he writes in a humourous manner!

and then, i notice my silly trend of writing this fairly long email, perhaps unnecessarily giving him details he needn't know, but i can't help myself in digressing so far, and he does write fairly long too. so... it was all good :D

not to mention, me and my boyfriend's emails to each other hit the 20 page capacity at one stage, and i actually timed out on the 2 hours that our windows was supposed to stay open on our uni email system.

thus gmail and thus a blog started. well kinda.

to give you a gist of what i wrote, and what kind of length it's at...

here goes: (note: parts of it, to abbreviate abit, i did change some of the situations to him, but not so that the gist of it, the main problem was lost. eg, the stuff between jarad and anf)

Dear me0w,

hi! sorry it took me so long to reply this next one. i had a presentation on friday that took all my attention away, then a friend's birthday crept up. how people grow old so quickly! it amuses me sometimes!

you should really take care of your lungs and whatever organs that you might spew out in the process of coughing them out. you will still need them so remember to put them back. ^_^ have you seen the doctor for them? last i remembered actified compound linctus seems good for dry cough, but if its wet cough you are looking at, i can't remember the name of another company that is pretty good too. :)

:D well to start of with, i have certainly grown in terms of l2,thanks for you congrats though :D that was appreciated. somehow lol:D. i didn't quite died all that many times because of how neutral i was and how everything was kept away from where i used to lvl the most back in c1. however when c2 started, i realised i could solo in devastated castle. one time though i lagged real hard and subsequently died and dropped my gloves which, as you could see how poor i was back then, resulted in it being ate up by a farmer and almost didn't get itback. the clan leader though got it back for me, because it was someone i knew fairly well. other than that, i have went red about a few more times and havent actually got round to losing anything yet.:D isn't that awesome :D

raid bosses are like mini versions of antharas. they are interesting to get round to, but not worth sometimes the effort to kill them, as it does takes groups to kill them. there were plenty of raids to kill them, but most of my clan is in america which resulted them in planning at times when i desperately needed sleep or have class or assignments due :(

most of the mobs have gotten quicker though, so definitely harder to solo, although they promise a better balance in c3, with higher xp earned out in the open fields, hopefully this brings some people who prefers to solo back. but with the politics on kain, it is getting quite tiring, people get pk-ed on sight for certain people and so on,because clans claims zones to be theirs.

the main problem with my old clan was 90% of them were rl friends,and it started out with me being the odd one out. i was going to visit them, but recent arguments with jarad (inflict) made me not want to go, because i am not sure if i want to be meet up with a person who talks like he's better than me in a game and all heighty ho with me.the sad part to this end of the clan, was also that since anf quit the game, he has been giving out things to everyone he felt needs it.inflict already had his full top b gear that he needs from anf way before he left, so anf never gave him anything in terms of adena ormats or even items when he left. jarad/inflict, got mad at him and hasn't been talking to him irl since.

this really saddens me, after all, everything will be gone if the game dies and so on, but ur friend on the other hand exists irl. people don't tend to see beyond that and it irks me that jarad would treat anf like that, when they are rl friends.

well though i mentioned that they followed me into ds, so far the only person i have seen in the clans is just jarad. the rest seems to have mia after the initial week or so. mean while we do have a lot of sieges and pvp, ever since i joined anyways not so sure about before that. as per normal lotsa e-ego are injected into these so i have also grown to stop looking at shout chats because it just annoys me lol. we have innadril castle atm :)

with regards to drath, it wasn't hard to not notice him for 2 reasons,well 3 if you include his stupidity. his father told me exactly what he did and who he was, but never mentioned his lvl nor where he was lvlling so it made me feel safe for a while.

one day i was on my new healer alt that i made. and then i heard himon shout and thought, dang this person reminds me of drath. the only relief, it seemed, was how he was so up himself about him having a high lvlled alt. by now, you must understand, kain's version of high lvlled main/alt would be above 52 at least (chunk's alts are all 52+).far as i know, drath never went beyond 45.as you can see, i have this idea forming in my head by then that, nar it can't be drath. but when i walked closer to the above said character, his title was "drathiceblood" and he confirmed again on shout to someone that yes he was drath, and he has finally returned to the game with his dad and dad's support.

i logged off my alt immediately to put this new character's name on blocklist.

as for his dad, i must say he is a good sport! he didn't mind us gossiping about his son to him, and the fact he agrees with us, he might have been a victim of some of those... escapades.

atm we have some really sexy, hawt angels in toi aside from ur usual orcs and whatnots. they are profitable in many sense of the word, they drop mats like rain (16 craftedleather!!!) which people may need for various crafting reasons. mold hardeners for weapons are still a bitch though. these angels that i have mentioned, they can rezz themselves,which results in what we often label as angel 1 and angel 2. or fake and real. the fake often gives normal xp to everyone, like 4k xp or 6k xp. the real ones gives about twice to 3 times as much xp, ranging from like 10-18k xp per person depending on levels i guess.there are 2 big guys up on toi, one on 14th (if i count the lvls right) and one on 15th, which is the last floor. the cherub on the 15th is what most people beat up for fun. it is fairly weak, and drops good stuff, if u kill it often enough. the one on 15th though, is partof 2 quests. the first quest allows you to see him, the 2nd quest allows you to exchange your top b weapon for an a grade weapon.however, the 2nd quest is a pretty long and tedious one which will need alot of cooperations from many people, not very likely for kain i presume, because of the various politics.

most of the places now are not very well organised anymore, to add another dimension to the game. the cruma that u know is no longer the same cruma. there are more mobs, and more magical mobs so that you be more in need of low lvlled sword singers and more classes of healers than before. i think they are just training people to be abit more useful than they are so that they get "early training".

pk fights or pvp fights really, are more vs enemy clans. i guess itcant be help after all it is a hardcore pvp game and many people joined for that reason. i myself got pk counts more out of protecting my friends and my alts than really coz i went to pk anyone for a clan(note: i am a healer). the only other real fights otherwise, were mostly against farmers who got really strange and tedious. they decided to boot us out of toi one fine day ( i believe that was before aoi returned) and trained everyone on 10th and 9th. normally everyone ignores them coz they farm on floors no one levels in or just takes a small corner. so the entire toi revolted and pk-ed them. it took us about 8 hours or 10 hours, because of them running back up to try that on us again and again (in the process of running up they died too from mobs) which was a good break from the grind for everyone.i can't say it was the same for them.time is money for them.

i think subsequently they mostly left us alone, especially since everyone just camped their login spots when the server went into maintenance time and as soon as each logs in they were pk-ed, some went red by accident and drop stuff (we had a plan where people fd to pretend that some random hitting them went red, and they had go hit the randoms, who obviously wasnt red, and thus "went red" themselves, or the red bug worked on them.), all in all, it was a day of 12 hours shift for them where they earned nothing. i guess their boss were angry..

well most of the new areas in c2 are for lower lvls to lvl up in. like the alligator island and goe and so on. goe is an alternative to cruma, with the final lvls of it being the same as cruma 2. not so sure about alligator island, havent got round to visiting it.devastated castle though is just like a bigger version of forbbiden gateway. with all undead mobs but high lvlled mobs so that shud be what she shud be worried about. c3 is just more pvp oriented, more places, more advantageous for people owning castles to "own" a zone to lvl in as well. to solve the problems of cross ethnicity in a party,people have come up with really funny ideas, so we shall test it in c3:)

i understand what you mean by the griefers, the grind, the inconsiderate bunch of people in the game. i try to avoid the grind by having plenty of characters or just having an all out break that i feel i shud deserve for hitting a skill level (which is getting increasingly harder with each progressive siege.). as far as i could i will try to help those who get these kinda.. treatment, be they friends or foes. perhaps this is the reason why i ended up being in a predicament where sometimes my clan tends to think i might be a spy coz i am "friends" with the opposing clans too, but i still stand by the tagline that my clan do come first, but i don't need people to quit or be on an inbalanced stand when we fight 1 v 1, because it would be more fair to fight on the same strength, is it not?

there's only so much you can help yourself vs being hacked and/or scammed though. ultimately i guess, the only way to play it is being paranoid or being totally ignorant and have a "heck care" attitude about losing your stuff. in this game, people tend to lose stuff due to their own stupidity or others being total jerks. i have passed out my account info to clannies if they need to use it, but otherwise i remain paranoid about pw, changing them ever so often, and also randomnising them in my own head, so you get weird pw's like flitr230jb, which makes no sense whatsoever :o wow i made another newpw. shud use it somewhere :o

well, to be honest, i am not quite sure i want to leave university life yet. for one, i love studying, not in a bum kind of way, but i like to learn, like to listen to people teaching and passing on theirknowledge, learning from them the wealth of what they learnt. to actually move on from that, well i am not sure what i would do.before i joined, i had a fair idea of what i wanted to do, but after i joined, university life is so vastly different from high school life,perhaps more enjoyable because i can explore every single thing i wanted to at my own pace and people are more intellectual than those i have met before.

not to say i havent met my fair share of bimbos, male and females alike, but i have met more intellectuals here than in the past, where i was from this elitist school and everyone was supposed to be intellectual, but are obviously not.

oh yer i know in university life, we are supposed to have more intellectual people here. but from the various blogs online, the various news articles and so on and so forth, you might actually think otherwise.

for me, my university life consists more of new friends who are all crazy like me, a meeting with a new culture which i absoutelutly somehow love. they don't mind "crazy" people, everyone smiles on the streets and the opening words are often "how's it going?" rather than a stiff "good morning" or nothing at all, depending on where you go. i dont feel half as restricted to be a rat in the paperchase that seems so necessary in singapore, i feel i can be myself which i have mostly been a part of.

so i guess for me, despite all the various illness, the missing of singapore and it's food and my own brood of weird friends, i did enjoy my uni life. the first 6 months were harsh, but after that everything was a blast. :) the only thing i realllyyyy need to learn though, is how to drive. i am 23, and driving still seems like a skill vastly beyond me! i really ought to get round to it.oh wells.

well, it is a sunday i should get round to going church and so on.

bye byes my dear feline friend :D

^.^ ani

if you havent a clue about the top half of what i am talking about, i would suggest you email me to get a trial account (which happens to be ending soon) and start playing or head over to the lineage 2 link over there -------------------------> and find out for yourself.

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