mail order partners

notice the title for this is mail order partners? well... hrm, seems like some women do look for hubbies online too, not that it's a regular happening.

anyways, i was browsing around amidst readings (YES I DO STUDY OMG!!!!) and this caught my eye! our teenage friendly newspapers in singapore now have a news blog!! weird. anyways, why did it catch my eye?


so i was like ooerrrr interesting!!! let's read it!! you must understand, ever since i discovered such a thing as MAIL ORDER PARTNERS a few years ago, i got fairly intrigue by it. i mean, in this modern day and time, it's really rare to find a matchmake couple, much less one which either one of the parties (or even both of them) willingly undergo matchmaking, to find themselves the right husband/wife.

then it turns out, wow, lotsa people do it!! why? because, according to the newspaper that day in singapore, singaporean women are now high flyers with higher expectations! people without a bachelor's degree or a polytechnic diploma finds it hard to get married, get a girl friend, much less have a family. so, the "about to pass the treshold" group of people would make use of the matchmaking agencies and get themselves a fresh young bride from other countries, generally vietnam, far as i know.

there's also this thing from the article that said that these men were also looking for obedient, quiet wives who wouldn't argue or goes out much, wives who wouldn't expect to spend much and is just the perfect typical asian housewife. you know those types, cleans, feeds the children, does your washing, does your shopping, MAYBE EVEN FETCH YOUR SLIPPERS!! the point they were trying to say was, singaporean women were too intelligent, they would actually get inquisitive, and are generally bolder than such mail order brides.

so anyways. this article sets it from the other point of view.

the mail order bride's.

it's like this. they come with expectations of how singaporean men, singapore and it's culture and society is like. then, something happens. the men they meet are *shock, horror* not up to their expectations! and so they ditch the men that they were suppose to be married to. there are other stuff in that article too but at this point i am going to point out something.

they probably expect something like these..

then... they probably expect at least these....

photos courtesy of auto consumer guide and dover parkview apartments, singapore.

at any rate, they all do come with certain expectations, and for a huge number of them, all they want is a caring husband who won't abuse them, and a community that will accept them and easy for them to adhere to. the sad story to it is that not all of such match making fulfils all these.

for those who actually read the article, you would notice at the bottom they say "'Overseas men are less violent and more loving to their wives.' "

well. opinions differ. i would love to say that that might be true. but the truth is, everywhere, a violent man would exist. the only thing that would be different would be laws with regards to a violent husband. like how certain countries would turn a blind eye to a violent husband, because it is all right to chastise your wife in their society.

but if it's inherent in their nature to be violent and not so loving, it is their nature, not the country that affects that. it's a part of their behaviour, not the geography of where they belong.

some other times, the ridiculous part is they come over expecting oo riches, and then they see these...

then they freak and run home.

sigh..... no marriage is perfect huh? :D oh wells....

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