hi~~ welcome to the entirely deleted blog of mine :P

in my illness and craziness i decided to restart this blog more coz i have decided the past should stay the past. letting people know my experiences and so on isnt going to change anything, theirs, mine, anyone's really. i mean i am still going to blog, and also blog about what's happening here. but going on about my past isnt guna make it better or change who i am now. using it to remember something is ok but yer..

some stuff shud just stay back where they are coz it doesnt really affect the future, it is the person who is living at the moment who affects it anyways ^.^

for all my friends out there. the same words apply :P i am sorry i haven't blogged for so long, it isnt very natural to me yet to be posting stuff that goes on in my life to be online, on a pc and etc etc. i am guna try and post more this year since i know i have lost touch with most of u. my bad really and i am sorry, nothing is really a good excuse or justification of my abandoning of you guys, and i know u guys are the best.

this blog is dedicated to my friends really and i have failed so badly in upkeeping it so i am guna do it this year around and make full use of it. but first up i need to really really learn html.. i have so many pictures and so on i need to show u guys and digital world have helped that so much but i have grown useless atm with them.

oh btw i am sick did i mention that? thus the huge words coz i think atm its quite funky :P just going mad atm, throat is sssooo sore..

when i come back from uni in a while, i shall talk abit more, and try to be less of an airhead and write in this font.

for those whom i have not actually seen online in a while, where have you been? *hint hint* incidentally i have moved out of campus and thus have more access to the net than before, since i dont have to worry about internet data anymore. that was annoying. i have new accounts for emails as well. while i still love being pigshitz (^.^) that has lotsa spams and stuff for my various activities (no that does not mean i have porn subscriptions) and i realised lotsa emails get messed up and go to spam mail which i rarely check coz i thought msn is smart. my bad :o

so for those who have my uni email account, hey it's still working if u need me. for those who dont, u can try anivyl@gmail.com.

this concludes my random announcement for today. ^.^ bye bye~

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