^.^ hi good morning hehe, oh well it is late afternoon... after class yesterday i just came home and went mad playing games and stuff. weekends are so nice to while away but i do have to do some reading later on tonight or i be lagging behind everyone.

was pretty happy with my class yesterday too. despite the lecturer looking like a stuffy old man and so on, the tutor was actually pretty nice and looks fairly comfortable to work with so i might actually enjoy going for tutes. although it is funny what our crazy lecturer intends us to do within the first and second week. he gave us a project work that is only worth 15% but requires some form of extensive reading, to be presented and written out. this would be fine i think if it's somewhere around the third or 4th week or if we had the chance to get our bricks earlier to know that there is this form of assessment and the relating topics. but for it to be actually expected to be presented within the first 2 weeks when people have only vague ideas of the subject itself might be too demanding. true, people can learn via the project itself, and perhaps it can even be considered a crash course of sorts. but honestly, some people are still coming in from their holidays wouldn't it be better for them to settle down rather than muddle thru the course?

i still remember how back home, my parents had go "ur lucky ur not working, studying is such a relaxing thing to do" yada yada yada. it's amazing how much people forget once they have been out in the working world for so long, that they think students have it easy. plus, the world has changed quite a bit since the 60s and the 70s, being a student now can be quite tough. some of us have got part time work to survive, but all of us have the same 4 course workload or so. even with the 3 course work load, with all those readings, plus the part time work, it can get distressing and breaks a person down mentally. and we are also still trying to grow up, fit in with our peers and so on. the complexity of a student's life can not be written down in a mere paragraph, nor be explained away and cured away with "just focus on your studies and it will be all right."

of course we dont have bills, children, colleagues, and various other business stuff to contend with, we have our own version of it. we have our school fees, our books, our friends, classmates, the need to complete our homework and so on by deadline. sure some of this can be performed by our parents, but all of it? it's not likely is it?

anyways, yesterday i received a rather disturbing sms from a friend. he was like "hey, should i get a new girlfriend? it's too hard to talk to her mehtinks (because he has moved somewhere else to study)" i kinda went into a shock mode and asked him if he thinks girlfriends are just a commodity to be picked up and dropped at his convenience without considering the other's feelings and thoughts. and then he went on to say "commodity? lol? neh just someone i like to talk to prolly not a serious rel just muck arnd with and talk funneh shit w/o getting weird looks :) feeling wise it shouldnt be a prob like i said we just got to the part where we talk about anything we want without feeling embarassed and shet, so no i love u stuff. i like knowing what some1 is like b4 going out wiht em so yer there is still space for me to back out. "

Does anyone else see what is wrong with whatever he said? in the same sentence he talked about his gf, he also describes her as if it is just a normal friend. we all have guy friends/gal pals, friends of the opposite gender with whom we can talk to, muck around with, talk retardedly with without getting weird looks or embarassed stuff. these are the people we call family and friends ( and honestly i do so much retarded stuff i wonder how my friends actually withstand me, i mean really, moo-ing at cows...)

and then there are those that we want to spend the rest of our lives with, to share our happiness and downs, and theirs too, regardless of the situations we land ourselves into, regardless of the distance apart. when we named them our gf, bf, we have kinda landed ourselves into this commitment that is different yet the same with our family and friends. people sometimes put their heart and soul into it. sure it seems idealistic, people get together and break up all the time, but who's to say that u didnt put in some sort of feelings while u r together?

everyone has some form and way of backing out. from breaking up to divorce, who doesnt have those choices? but to think someone had call another person his girlfriend, then describing her out to be a friend more so than a girlfriend, yet with the easy disposal of a commodity, i don't know how to react to that.

To start off with, i believe i was truly annoyed. then i decided to just let him be, it is his choice presiding over that of 2 people's feelings. he may say all he wants though, but honestly, what does the girl thinks, does she know what he thinks, does she know.. her status in all of this? i don't know really but i am not gunna question this. after all, he thinks he is in the right... and i don't know what has been happening to be on the qualifying end to say anything. this is not to say i lord over him or i am a qualified person to comment on such issues, but rather i don't wana see anyone hurt...

right, i am off to watch some anime... bye bye :D

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