i dont really like the self profile that blogger provides so here's one of my own.

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Me: 23
bIrThDaTe: December 9th 1981
Location: Canberra, Australia
Nationality: Singaporean
Occupation: Undergraduate, Bachelor of Arts (politics)
Star sign: Saggitarius
Chinese astro sign: rooster (i bite!!!)

What i love to eat:

Asian food, especially the hot spicy ones, those that make ur mouth so damn fucking hot, u can't shut it. and then u walk around town with ur mouth all agaped, drooling...

nevermind me.

and then, there's sushi, and steaks, usually medium rare and with mushroom sauce.

What i do in my free time:

well, usually... it's rollerblading, playing the piano, dancing the daylights out of me etc. due to time constraints though, this has been relegated to lots of pc gaming.

usually counter-strike, aka cs, lineage 2, used to be wc3, but i need to reinstall that game to be able to prove it, and now blogging.

My music tastes:

ok you have this thing called the radio blog to your right. my music tastes ranges around there. if you still don't grasp it, i am not quite sure how to explain to you.

i have no musical nor screen idols. to me they are just normal human beings, pushed to the front of all those cameras and vids so that we all can see how people's imaginations work. real life, is about the same as reel life, you and i are the main actors in our own little tales.

so the point is, i have no particular favourite bands, favourite songs, favourite whatever artiste. my taste change with my moods. listen in and you will get the idea. hehe.

What am i?

i am not particularly hot, pretty, cute or whatever you may fantasize about. i have an illness that keeps me bloated, the alternative, as i understood it to be, would make me depress. therefore i rather be not cured but fat and happy, than be thin and all depressed and morose.

i however, can be one of the biggest utter bitches around. i do try not to be so to my friends, coz i don't wana hurt them. as i act according to what they should deserve, i can come off as even more bitchy to them to strangers.

don't get me wrong. i love my friends alot. because i am not particularly close to my family, my friends equate my family, and thus i do hold each of them preciously in my thoughts, perhaps that's what's making me such a harsh person sometimes to them, coz i expect so much.

i don't know if you can call me smart, but i do love to read heaps and have some what a general retensive memory enough to recite to you certain details of any books that i have sat down and thoroughly read. before friends existed, i survived on books, perhaps that's where the connections goes.

What i dislike?


i hate people who poses me stupid questions that they can find out for themselves if they make the slightest effort to.

i hate people who behaves like i am their personal bitch.

i definitely hate bimbos, with all that shrill laughter and flirting then getting laid and.. well you know the works, those ultimate airheads... eg, paris hilton.

and of course, those guys who have no life nor personality whatsoever and falls for them and goes "you don't know her as well as i do..." well, if they have something in them, it wouldn't take much to know that would it?

ooo, and those no lifers who goes for cybers, sending pictures of their penises and falling over themselves, prostrating their eternal souls on the floors of girls who play the same games as them.


i have a long list.

the most important one here that people should know,

i am human. i make mistakes. i have my bad days, i have my good ones. just like anyone else.

there's a wishlist to your right on the navigation bars. so if you want to know what the hell i want this birthday/christmas/new year, have a grand look.

they are not noticeably affordable though Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

i am in this phase of my life where i am about to graduate but suddenly i don't want to do what i wanted to do before. so while searching for a new job idea, i am going to be a bum between possible graduation and getting a job.

most likely i will end up as an elementary school teacher because i happen to like kids and behaving exactly like them. so sue me, but i bet i would have more fun with them than you with your stuffy office and multiple travels in a year.

i will add on more to this section when i decide what more i would like to say about myself.

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